Most Haunted At Llanfyllin Union Workhouse, Part Two - Series 22, Episode 3 Review

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This is the second part of a two-part investigation of the Llanfyllin Workhouse in North Wales. You can read about the first half of the investigation here, or read more reviews, and episode guides in my Most Haunted section.
Llanfylin Union Workhouse

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The Union Workhouse in Llanfyllin, North Wales was a grim place where life was hard. Adults were expected to work, while they're children who were often taken away from them were put through education on site.

Despite the harsh conditions in the workhouse, it became home to those who were confined there. The building has seen its fair share of birth, deaths and misery, and with so many people passing through this place over the years, it's no wonder that so many people have said the property is haunted.

Visitors have reported hearing footsteps, doors slamming, children crying, and the ghostly cries and shrieks of a classrooms full of children. There's also be claims of shadowy figures, and even the full body apparition of an old school master who is said to haunt the building.

The Story So Far

Darren Hutchinson At Llanfylin Union Workhouse - Most Haunted

In the first half of the investigation there was tension between demonologist Fred Batt and other member of the crew when he accused them of running away after two chairs were thrown on the stairs leading up to the infirmary where they were holding a vigil.

Meanwhile, Yvette Fielding and the show's resident skeptic Glen Hunt heard what sounded like children playing.

The episode ended with the whole team regrouping with the promise of a ouija board session and a review of Glen's EVP experiment which had been left in one of the class rooms during the investigation.

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The Drama Continues...

Most Haunted At Llanfylin Union Workhouse

The team split up to start the second half of the investigation, Karl Beattie was upstairs in the infirmary with Gregg Smith and Stuart Torevell.

They encountered a strange phenomenon pretty early on in their vigil. They heard a regular banging sound, it was clear to hear on camera and sounded like a ball bouncing. Karl called out, "can you stop throwing the ball" and immediately the bouncing sound stopped. After waiting a little while, Gregg said, "throw it again" and the noises started up again.

They then found a strange pool of water on the floor. The water was well contained and seemed to be rapidly drying as they stood there, suggesting it had recently appeared there.
Most Haunted At Llanfylin Union Workhouse

Meanwhile, Yvette and Glen were on the ground floor of the same part of the building with Darren Hutchinson manning the camera. Their vigil opened with Darren closing the door to the room they were in.

Glen pointed out that the room took on a completely different atmosphere with the door closed. Yvette started doing what she does best and called out to the spirits, "can you make a noise or can you show yourself?" Glen goaded on any spirits who might be listening, "do your worse."

They then heard a growl, Yvette was convinced it was Darren, but he assured them it wasn't him. The enhanced replay of the noise sounded like the distant sound of furniture sliding. Moments later, while Yvette was trying to communicate by whistling the national anthem, Darren was again accused of growling. He once again assured them it wasn't him, he said he was doing his best to stay quiet.

The three of them then heard scratching at the door. The camera spun around to show that the door had come off of its latch and was slightly open, this was the same door that we saw Darren close earlier. Glen said, "let's look on the positive side of things, if something wanted to come in, we've just let it in."


Most Haunted At Llanfylin Union Workhouse

The two teams then re-grouped, they were planning to conduct a ouija board experiment and were discussing where to hold the session. Just as Darren suggested doing it upstairs as that's where they had encountered most of the activity, the sound of furniture being dragged was heard from above them.

They ran up the stairs to investigate, at the top of the stairs Glen said, "I've genuinely got the creeps up here and I don't like it."

After moving into the upstairs room, there was then a huge bang. This turned out to be a chair, which was at the top of the stairs moments ago, but was now lying at the foot of the stairs.

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Ouija Board Session

Most Haunted At Llanfylin Union Workhouse

Eventually the distractions let up, and the team set up their ouija board in the top floor of the infirmary. Fred didn't take part in the seance which is great, because Fred had a list of the previous inmates of the workhouse, this meant he couldn't intentionally or subconsciously influence the movement of the glass on the board.

Straight away Yvette said that it felt as it the board was pulsating, then moments later it spelt out the word "die." Yvette asked, "were you connected with this place?" And the planchette move to "yes." She then asked, "can you give us your first name please?" The planchette moved to spell on the name David, although pronounced in the Welsh way. They eventually obtained a surname too, Davies, and the date that the spirit died, 1929.

This apparently matched a name on Fred's list. Text appeared on screen saying, "records show that a David Davies stayed at the Union Workhouse and died in 1929." It was nice to have information on screen, this is something which seems to have been missing from Most Haunted for the last few series.

They were then distracted from the ouija board when they started to hear various noises, including tapping, whistling, and footsteps which seemed to be coming from downstairs.

At one point Yvette called out, "how many are with us right now? Tap it out." Five or six bangs were heard, seemingly in response to this.

Split Up

Most Haunted At Llanfylin Union Workhouse

The gang split up again, Glen, Fred and Darren went to the lower floor of the the infirmary, while the rest of the team took to the upper floor.

Downstairs Glen called out, "come on then, come down here where we are. Take us all of us on, the three of us. Throw something at me, Fred, or Darren." But the spirit didn't take the bait, their time downstairs was pretty quite.

Although for Yvette, Karl, Stuart and Gregg, it was a slow start, plenty eventually started happening upstairs. Yvette started by calling out to the spirits, "if you're not going to do anything to us, do something to those downstairs." Stuart added, "do something to Fred Batt, the demonologist. He's the one with the big book. Harm him." To which Yvette said, "no, Stuart!"

Karl then thought he had heard someone whisper "Karl" into his ear, he initially thought it was Stuart until he realised there was no one stood next to him. Then next phenomenon they encountered was the sound of footsteps which seemed to move around the team as they stood in the middle of the room.

Yvette shouted downstairs to ask if they had heard the sound too, Fred confirmed they could footsteps as well which seemed to be coming from the ceiling.

They then ran to investigate a metallic clash that could be heard coming from the stairs. Both teams came out to the stairs to investigate the sound, they couldn't find the source of the noise but did find another pool of water on the landing halfway up the stairs.

Yvette called out, "is that you? did you put the water there?" There were two loud bangs in response which the team took to mean "yes."

Both teams then headed back to their respective floors, where Karl found another small pool of water in the room they'd been stood in. Karl and Gregg confirm that it had not been raining and that none of them have wet shoes, although there was too much water on the floor to have simply come off the bottom of someone's shoes anyway.

Yvette called out again, "do you want to talk to us some more?" There was a long, high pitched moaning sound, which was very clear on camera and seemed to be a response to Yvette.
Most Haunted Tap Thrown

Just before the investigation came to an end, they heard another loud bang out on the stairs. Both teams rushed to investigate and found a heavy metal tap lying on one of the stairs. The team speculated that this could be linked to the water they had repeatedly found. Fred said that water is significant with paranormal energy.

Yvette started feeling like she was going to keel over, so they decided to call it a night. On the way out of the building they found a heart shaped cushion which had been thrown on the floor in the lower part of the infirmary, the room that Fred's team had been in just minutes before.
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