Series 2 Episode 6 - Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast

May 06, 2019

For our final podcast of this series, Clinton goes straight to the phones to contact a World War Two officer.
Next, he makes great strides to faith-heal a man with a chronic bowel problem and then he gets all cultured and that, when he speaks to the head of the William Wordsworth Appreciation Society and finally yes, it’s the unexpected return of Ramone no less, for ……… a genuine exorcism. Terrifying!

With Dan Skinner, Max Carsley, Teresa Gallagher, Ian Masters, Heather Dutton
And featuring LEWIS MACLEOD as RAMONE.

Starring Alex Lowe
Produced by Jonathan Cook for HOBSONS PRODUCTIONS
With thanks to Peter Kay.

Clinton Baptiste appears courtesy of Goodnight Vienna Productions.

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