Spirit Talk December 2019 – Elementals with Kate Ray - Spirit Talk

January 01, 2020

Spirit Talk December 2019
Kate Ray is a practitioner in witchcraft and spiritual pathways. She is a teacher and artist and a student of parapsychology who has been studying for the last couple of years. Her interest and field work in the paranormal extends beyond just ghosts and haunting into all areas of the ‘other.’ She shares with us her experiences and research into “FAE” – nature spirits and elementals, commonly known as gnomes, fairies and pixies.
She recently made an appearance on Help! My house is haunted and assisted the team in discussing pixies and elementals during the teams investigation.
Facebook: haregirl
Twitter: kateHareGirlray
Instagram: Kate Hare Girl
Spirit Talkhttp://spirittalk.planetparanormal.com/wp-content/downloads/SpiritTalkDecember2019.mp3 | Open Player in New Window

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