Spirit Talk March 2020 – Path To Healing with an Ascended Master Kuthumi. An interview Steve Ferguson. - Spirit Talk

April 09, 2020

Spirit Talk March 2020
Kuthumi is an ascended master that channeled healing information to a group of students. Out of teachings came the PTH: Path to healing system. Steve Ferguson took the information they (Cindi, Ron and Steve) received and codified into a website. He also created a windows, Mac, Android, and IOS versions as well. Steve chats with Chris about the system and what he learned from Kuthumi as well as a crystal garden he is working on in Estes Park, Colorado.
Check out the website and sign up for free (never any fee) to start your own chart using the Path To Healing System. Find out what your lessons are in this life.
Steve Ferguson graduated from the University of Louisville Speed Scientific School with a Bachelors in Math and Computer Science in 1982. He worked as a programmer for a year before he bought the company. Then specialized in selling hardware and software to county clerks offices in Kentucky, eventually selling the company and moving to Estes Park, Colorado in 2007.
Website: The Path To Healing Website
Website: Crystal Gardens
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