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September 11, 2019

Spirit Talk September 2019
Who or what is the Shadow entity known as the Hat Man? A new documentary “The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil” by Kyle J Macias comes forward to shed some light on this mysterious and terrifying supernatural figure.
On this episode stories on the Hat man are discussed and theories on who or what the Hat Man could be with Kyle J. Macias an aspiring filmmaker specializing in narrative films and documentary films alike. He’s an avid researcher and paranormal aficionado covering a wide range of subjects, such as; the occult, entity contact and unknown realms.
“The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil”, premiering on VIMEO and Amazon DVD sept. 13th, 2019 is his first documentary feature, covering the subject of shadow people, specifically focusing in on the distinct figure, the internet and eyewitnesses have dubbed ‘The Hat Man’.
Throughout the duration of making this film, it came to Kyle’s attention that the ‘Hat Man’, is not just a figure seen in sleep paralysis or nightmares. The eyewitnesses are adamant that they also see him in waking life. Manifesting under street lamps, in the back of passenger seats, in the corner of the room, on the side of the road, peaking around corners and in some cases physical attack.

Is the Hat Man hiding in the darkest places of our subconscious? Or is he crossing over to our physical existence?
It may be both…
Trailer: Watch Here
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