How Does Elf On The Shelf Arrive For The First Time?

December 10, 2018 4:10 PM


In this video I'll show you how the elf on the shelf gets into your house for the first time before Christmas.

It starts with Santa picking someone from his naughty and nice list, now-a-days this is all done with a mobile app. He picks the boy or girl, assign a scout elf to him and sets the location. The elf flies to the person's house and use magic to get in. He'll normally appear in a dark corner at first like inside of cupboard or under the sofa.

Once the elf is in your house he'll then find somewhere where he can sit and watch you. When he needs to report back to Santa he can now comes and go as he pleases, by flying up the chimney, letting himself out through the door or by climbing out of windows.


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