2004 Christmas No. 1: Band Aid 20 - 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'

Twenty years after the release of the original Band Aid song, 'Do They Know It’s Christmas?' tops the Christmas chart again.

Band Aid 20 - 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'

Band Aid 20 recorded a third version of the song in November 2004 for the twentieth anniversary of the original recording, and again got to number one. The recording and release of the single tied in with the release of the Live Aid concert on DVD for the first time.

2004 Christmas Chart Contenders

Who else was in the running for the coveted Christmas No. 1 spot in 2004? Check out the full list of Christmas chart contenders below...

Bo' Selecta! - 'I Got You Babe/Soda Pop'

There needs to be at least one novelty song in the running for the Christmas No. 1 and this year it was a double A-side courtesy of Avid Merrion's Bo'Selecta.

Morrissey - 'I Have Forgiven Jesus'

Morrissey entered the race for Christmas No. 1 2004, just managing to make it inside the top ten with 'I Have Forgiven Jesus'.

Ronan Keating Feat. Yusuf Islam - 'Father and Son'

Ronan Keating's collaboration with Yusuf Islam stood a good chance of making it to No. 1 for Christmas, having already made it to No. 2 in the chart in December.

Robbie Williams - 'Misunderstood'

Robbie Williams released his new 'Misunderstood' just in time for Christmas and with a string of hits already under his belt he stood a good chance of gaining the festive top spot.

Kylie Minogue - 'I Believe in You'

Kylie Minogue will be hoping her No. 2 hit could climb a place in time for the Christmas chart.

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