2009 Christmas No. 1: Rage Against The Machine - 'Killing In The Name'

Joe McElderry's battle with Rage Against the Machine has been all anyone has been talking about over the last seven days and it made for a very exciting Christmas countdown but in the end it was the Rage with its Facebook-backed campaign that made it to Christmas No. 1 for 2009.

Over the last few years we've seen reality TV winners waltz in to the top of the chart to claim the Christmas No. 1, but this year fans of the 1992 Rage Against the Machine song, 'Killing In the Name' have joined forced to change that tradition.

It was too close to call all week but when the official Christmas No. 1 was revealed on Sunday evening, RATM rejoiced as 'Killing In The Name' claimed the title of Christmas No. 1 2009 .

Joe McElderry's debut single, 'The Climb' landed in the No. 2 spot.

Rage Against The Machine - 'Killing In the Name'

Rage Against the Machine fans wasted no time as clocks struck midnight on Monday morning on the week of the Christmas chart the countdown to festive No. 1 began. Within an hour the 1992 track, 'Killing In the Name' crashed straight in to the iTunes top ten and straight to the top spot before X Factor winner Joe McElderry managed to make a dent in the chart. The Facebook group had the support of over 700,000 members, the group didn't just managed to crash the chart, they've also managed to crash Facebook. On Monday the Facebook page was receiving more visits than the site could handle and Facebook was forced to temporarily close the group down.

2009 Christmas Chart Contenders

Of course Rage Against The Machine was the big winner in this year's Christmas Chart and there was Joe McElderry in second place but there was loads of other songs hoping to make it to No. 1. Check out the full list of Christmas chart contenders below...

Joe McElderry - 'The Climb'

It was the 2009 X Factor winner's song, a cover of Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb'. The song was released for digital download just hours after the show in which 18-year-old Joe McElderry was named as champion.

George Michael - 'December Song'

George Michael enters the race for Christmas No. 1 with a proper Christmassy single, 'December Song’. The song was originally released on Christmas Day last year, the single is now getting a full release in time for this Christmas and comes complete with a really cute video that's sure to put you in a festive mood.

Robbie Williams - 'You Know Me'

It's released on December 7th but could Robbie’s new single, 'You Know Me' stay in the chart long enough to make Christmas No. 1? 'You Know Me' is the second single to be taken from Robbie's eighth studio album, 'Reality Killed the Video Star'.

Mumford & Sons - 'Winter Winds'

Mumford & Sons are Marcus, Winston, Ben and Ted, the London folk band behind the track 'Winter Winds'.

Rolf Harris - 'Christmas In The Sun'

Rolf Harris returns hoping to make his dent on the festive chart with 'Christmas In The Sun'.

The Killers - 'Happy Birthday Guadalupe'

The Killers have released a new single, 'Happy Birthday Guadalupe', a charity Christmas song in support of World Aids Day. This is the bands fourth Christmas song, they previously released 'A Great Big Sled' in 2007, 'Don't Shoot Me Santa' in 2007 and last year, 'Joseph, Better You Than Me'.

Detox Cute - 'The Cliffmass Song'

Reviving the magic of the Christmas No. 1, Detox Cute have written a festive tribute to Sir Cliff.

Susan Boyle - 'Wild Horses'

The TV talent contestant is pretty much guaranteed a No. 1 album but could her single 'Wild Horses' top the festive chart? Susan Boyle's crazy journey of unexpected fame started in April when she appeared on Britain's Got Talent. The 48 year old sung a perfect rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream' from the musical Les Misérables. Since then she has become a global phenomenon over 100 million video views on YouTube. Now Susan brings us her debut single, 'Wild Horses'. It's taken from Susan's first album, 'I Dreamed A Dream'. The single is in the running to make it to the top of the chart for Christmas, if it can fight off who ever claims the X Factor crown at the end of the current series.

Metro Station - 'Last Christmas'

Metro Station have release their festive offering, a cover of the Wham! Christmas class, 'Last Christmas'. Last Christmas was originally a hit for George Michael and Wham! back in 1984, not Metro Station have given it their own twist. In 1984 the song was beaten to the Christmas No.1 spot by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, could Metro Station get it to the top this time round?

Rhydian - 'O Fortuna'

It's former X Factor contestant Rhydian's new single, it's called 'O Fortuna', you'll know it when you hear it.

Brett Domino - 'Hello Mistletoe (Goodbye Cold Snow)'

Remember these guys from Britain's Got Talent? Brett and his Dominos have made the keytar and stylophone cool again, sort of. Even before the boys auditioned for Simon, they had a huge following on YouTube and now their videos have been viewed over 1.5 million times.

Fred Figglehorn - 'Christmas Cash'

We're expecting a mixed reaction to this one, 'Christmas Cash' by YouTube celeb Fred Figglehorn.

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