Stranger Things 3: The Sauna Test Quiz

July 07, 2019 7:00 AM ‐ GamesTelevisionStranger ThingsNetflix

Have you made it to episode four of Stranger Things 3 journey yet? There's eight new episodes to work through, but how much can you remember about the new season's fourth episode, 'The Sauna Test?' Test your knowledge with this tricky Stranger Things season three trivia quiz.

Erica Stranger Things 3

1. Which actor's name does Mayor Kine give to Hopper while being interrogated?

2. You can't spell America without...

3. The episode end with an old song by Vera Lynn, but what is it called?

4. What does Erica call the mission she's been roped into at the mall?

5. What colour is the door of the sauna that the gang trap Billy in?

6. Which DC comic book does Max show to Eleven?

7. How does Erica get the attention of Robin in Scoops Ahoy?

8. What animal features in the logo of the Chinese food store in the mall?

9. As well as the Chinese restaurant, which other retailer's delivery are Dustin, Steve and Robin looking out for?

10. What colour is the liquid inside the mysterious containers Steve finds in a box in the secret room?


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