Most Haunted Cast & Crew

The Most Haunted Team At Codnor Castle Cottage

Meet the cast and crew of Most Haunted, including host Yvette Fielding and her husband and executive producer, Karl Beattie. Plus camera crew, sound recordists and of course Watson.

This list is correct as of the early-2019 series, which features all of the cast and crew listed below.
  • Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted

    Yvette Fielding


    Born in Manchester in 1968, Yvette is married to the executive producer of Most Haunted, Karl, who also appears on screen in the show. It was the two of them who came up with the idea for a ghost hunting show, originally for the now-defunct channel Living.

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  • Karl Beattie, Most Haunted

    Karl Beattie

    Executive Producer

    Husband of Yvette and the show's co-creator, Karl is a doctor of criminology and has a large private collection of crime ephemera. As well as producing and editing the show, he also takes on the role of camera man.

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  • Fred Batt, Most Haunted

    Fred Batt


    Fred's role involves taking part in the initial walk around the property with Yvette. While she explains some of the history of the building, Fred adds in his thoughts on what the team are likely to encounter.

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  • Glen Hunt, Most Haunted

    Glen Hunt


    Glen Hunt is Most Haunted's resident skeptic, he took walks around the property with Yvette at the start of the view and gives a more rational opinion of the reported activity. Glen might be a skeptic, but says he is "an open minded one at that."

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  • Stuart Torevell, Most Haunted

    Stuart Torevell

    Camera Operator

    Stuart has been a part of the show since day one, his most terrifying investigation to date was in series five at The Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge, where a paranormal scare lead to him loosing his hair due to alopecia.

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  • Gregg Smith, Most Haunted

    Gregg Smith

    Director of Photography

    Gregg is usually found behind the camera but from time to time he is seen and gets involved by calling out to the spirits. When he does, he comes across as the most clear, confident, calm and respectful member of the team.

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  • Darren Hutchinson, Most Haunted

    Darren Hutchinson


    Sound guy Darren is often the butt of jokes, especially when he's paired up with Fred for no other reason than the fact that it's funny. Darren has made it clear on numerous occasions that he's not a fan of Fred's demonic incantations.

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  • Mary Beattie, Most Haunted

    Mary Beattie


    As her name alludes to, Mary is the daughter of Yvette and Karl. She first appeared as part of the team in the early-2019 series of the show during an "as-live" investigation of Eden Camp. In total she appears in just two episodes in the series, but fans loved her, so we're sure she'll be back.

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  • Watson the dog, Most Haunted



    The newest member of the Most Haunted team is a bulldog called Watson. He's Yvette and Karl's very own ghost hunting pooch. Watson leapt into action in the first episode of series 19 at Abbey House Museum in Leeds.

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Past Team Members

  • Rick Fielding, Most Haunted

    Rick Fielding

    Camera Assistant/Investigator

    Yvette's brother Rick Fielding was one of the original members of the Most Haunted team when it first aired on LivingTV in 2002. He left the show at the end of series four in 2004, but returned as a guest investigator in the 24th series of the show in a three-part investigation filmed at Hodroyd Hall in Yorkshire.

  • Eamonn Vann-Harris, Most Haunted

    Eamonn Vann-Harris

    EVP Expert

    Eamonn joined the Most Haunted team in 2015 as their resident EVP specialist, which basically means he's very good at capturing recordings of spirit voices using an array of specialist equipment. His last appearance was at The Ripon Prison & Police Museum halfway through series 19.

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  • Leah Walton, Most Haunted

    Leah Walton


    Leah was the show's makeup artist during series 16, which aired in 2015. During this time she appeared in four episodes of the show, which were shot at The Tivoli Venue, Tatton Old Hall, Annison Funeral Parlour and Capesthorne Hall. At these locations she proved to be one of Most Haunted's most jumpy crew members of all time.

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  • Mel Crump, Most Haunted

    Mel Crump

    "Ms Fielding's Makeup"

    Mel Crump appeared in just one series of Most Haunted in 2014, featuring in a total of nine episodes. Her main role was as the show's makeup artist, but during her time with Most Haunted she was a prominent part of the team, featuring alongside Yvette in each of the locations they investigated. She left the show to start her own makeup academy in her hometown of Bath.

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  • Chris Burton, Most Haunted

    Chris Burton

    Camera Operator

    Camera man Chris Burton worked on 37 episodes of Most Haunted between 2008 and 2014, often appearing on camera as well as behind it. He famously left the show after getting freaked out and walking out of an investigation of The National Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield.

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  • Matt Chance, Most Haunted

    Matt Chance


    Matt worked as a sound recordist in 19 episodes of the show from 2009, and returned with the gang in 2014 after their hiatus. Matt was replaced the following year by Darren Hutchinson, who'd previously appeared on the show as a camera man.

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