Most Haunted's Fred Batt's Demonic Incantations Explained

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This article is more than six years old and was last updated in December 2019.

Fred Batt Most Haunted


The incantations presented on this page are for reference only. It is not advised to read any of this article aloud or recite any of these versus yourself.

In Most Haunted the audio level is often dipped to prevent the incantations listed below from being broadcast in full in order to ensure viewers cannot copy what Fred Batt does on the show.

While Really Channel no longer broadcasts the full verses, they have been included in full in older series of Most HauntedThe incantations on this page have been sourced from these older episodes which are still available on the UKTV Player.

Much of the text on this page is taken from The Satanic Bible. If you are not comfortable with content of this nature, then this article isn't for you.

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Fred Batt Scrying At Mansion House

Fred Batt is Most Haunted's resident demonologist, he became a regular on the show in the 2010-11 series. Fred's role involves taking part in the initial walk around the property with Yvette Fielding. While Yvette explains some of the history of the building, Fred adds in his thoughts on what the team are likely to encounter.

Fred, whose interest in the occult began as a teenager, also takes part in the show's main vigils, once the lights have been turned out. Its during these vigils, either in groups or solo, that Fred attempts to make contact with any spirits which might be present.

While others on the Most Haunted team are looking to find a friendly ghost, for Fred the appeal is witchcraft, demons and even Satan himself. In order to contact these dark forces, Fred can often be heard reciting incantations from a large book he carries around, The Satanic Bible.

He's often also armed with candles, a large ornate crucifix, a decorative 'bejazzled' skull, and a silver chalice.

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Fred Batt Demonologist Cross

While Fred's chanting makes great viewing, some of his fellow team members aren't always too happy when Fred tells them there's a malevolent entity near by. In a recent investigation he's been kicked out of the room by Yvette for talking about the possibility of the team being injured by flying knives.

But there's one team member who really doesn't like being alone with Fred and that's sound man, Darren Hutchinson. During the late-2017 episode at Haden Hill House, a Tudor manor house in the outskirts of Birmingham, Darren was nominated to go down to the tunnels beneath the house with Fred.

An already petrified Darren was far from impressed when Fred started doing what he does best, chanting incantations, "in the name of Satan, open the gates of hell and come forward".

Darren shouted angrily at Fred, "really?! really Fred? This is a good idea?", just as an unexplained band was heard from the darkness. "I genuinely don't know why people keep putting me with you. I feel freaked out, massively freaked out, Fred", Darren protested.

Fred continued, despite Darren's plea, "Fred, stop it now cuz it's coming for us!"

In another episode shot at Standon Hall, Fred started his incantations, "in nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsi." But Darren was having none of it. "Here we go," he said as he slammed his camera down on a near by table and went off to find Yvette.
Fred Batt At The Lyceum Theatre

Often when Fred gets fully into an incantation, the audio is cut and a message appears on screen saying, "the sound has been lowered so as not to reveal the full incantation."

So, what is Fred saying that is so dangerous? Well, below are a few of his most common demonic lines, most of which are part Latin. I've also included the translation.

"In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi."
Translation: Satan the morning star of the Most High in the name of our God.

"In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti."
Translation: In the name of the Father and of the Son, and the holy spirit.

"Procedamus in pace, in nomine Christi, Amen."
Translation: Let us go forth in peace, in the name of Christ, Amen.

These phrases are often followed by something along the lines of "in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, if there's anybody here come forward and let us know who you are."

"In the name of Satan, open the gates of hell and greet us. come forward, show us you're here."

"I invite the Forces of Darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me."

These last two English lines are a twist on a verse from the Satanic Bible, which is supposed to invoke Satan. The actual verse is included below should you be brave enough to read it aloud.

In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi

In the name of Satan, the ruler of the Earth, the king of the world,
I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me.

Open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss to greet me as your brother/sister and friend.

Grant me the indulgences of which I speak.

I have taken thy name as part of myself.
I live as the beasts of the field, rejoicing in the fleshly life.
I favour the just and curse the rotten.

By all the gods of the pit, I command that these things of which I speak shall come to pass.

Come forth and answer to your names by manifesting my desires.
Fred Batt Protection Circle

So, it seems that although Fred has a strong interested dark forces, his belief in the paranormal is rooted in Christian mythology, as evident by his mentions of the Father and of the Son, and the holy spirit, as well as his tendency to carry a crucifix.

But of course, Lucifer is a character from the Bible and as such to truly believe in the Devil, one must also believe in God. However, it's not just the king of darkness that Fred makes contact with, it's pretty much any dark or menacing spirit which might be in the property the team visit.

During the Most Haunted investigation at The Fleece Inn in West Yorkshire, Yvette and Fred heard what sounded like a heartbeat. Fred called out, "Lucifer, that can't be you, you don't have a heart. Is that you? Is that you? Are you pretending you've got a heart?"

He then continued to call out to the spirit, "Lucifer prince of darkness if you are here, or any of your servants, come forward at let yourself be known. Kick one of us, push one of us."

Most Haunted Live 2015

Fred Batt Chanting At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

In 2015 the team spent a night at a seemingly normal three-bed semi on East Drive, Pontefract, a house which is said to be one of the most violently haunted properties in the world.

During the live show on the night of Halloween, we were treated to a lot of Fred's incantations, many of which were completely uncut and uninterrupted.

The team had already established in a previous investigation that the spirit who resides in the house is called Carl Anthony and Fred was doing his best to awaken him.

Fred shouted, "in the name of Satan, ruler of the Earth, come forward Carl Anthony where I can see you. Touch one of us. Touch Yvette, touch Paul," referring to entertainer Paul O'Grady, the show's special guest.

Fred continued, "in nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi. In the name of Satan, Carl Anthony come forward, come and show yourself."

Fred then called to the Devil asking him to help using his many names, "in invoke thee Lucifer from the East, Beelzebub from the West, get this man Carl Anthony to come forward. Show him to us."

Fred did seem to get a little confused however as moments later Beelzebub was no longer from the West, but was now from the North. He recited, "I invoke thee, Beelzebub from the North, Astaroth from the West, come forward, bring Carl Anthony to us. The scum of the Earth, come forward."

Later we heard Fred using one of his longest incantations to date, "in nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi. In the name of Satan, ruler of the Earth, true God almighty and Ineffable, who hast created man to reflect in thine own image and likeness. I invite the forced of darkness to bestow the infernal power upon me. Bring Carl Anthony forward. Bring him forward and we'll see what he's really like."

At midnight, to stir up the spirit in the house, Fred recited one last incantation...

Invocation To Satan

In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi.

In the name of Satan, ruler of the Earth, true God almighty.

I invite the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me.

Open the gates of hell to come forth and greet me as your brother and friend.

Deliver me o mighty Satan from all past error and delusion, fill me with truth, wisdom and understanding.

I invoke thee Lucifer from the East.
I invoke thee Beelzebub from the North.
I invoke thee Astaroth from the West.
I invoke thee Azazel from the South.

Come forward forces of darkness and greet me.
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