'The Haunted Hunts' Drop Trailer For 'Cemeteries Of The Dead'

March 17, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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The Haunted Hunts: Cemeteries Of The Dead
Danny Moss and 'The Haunted Hunts' team have dropped the trailer for their fifth season, 'Cemeteries Of The Dead', which premieres on April 27.

The new series will be available on Amazon Prime and the Haunted Hunts Extra, the show's official Patreon stream. It will follow Danny, along with Rebecca Salisbury-Moss, Emma Dawe, Charlie Rutter, and Roxanne Rutter will attempt to seek out paranormal activity at locations with links to burials.

A new teaser trailer for the series gives fans of the ghost hunting show a taste of what's to come in the six new episodes.

The dark and dramatic clip shows the team at some famous and not so well known locations across the UK, all of which have links to burial sites and all of which are claimed to be haunted.

In the trailer Danny says, "these locations that we are about to take on over the next few weeks are full of mystery, they are full of secrets and if we can uncover something that is only possible by investigating, it would just be an incredible moment for us."

The series marks the final appearances of team members Charlie and Roxanne, who are moving on from the show after being apart of it since its inception. 

A statement post online said, "Charlie and Rox have been a huge part of #TheHauntedHunts team over the last seven years and have been popular both on our public investigations as well as the TV show. We would like to offer our biggest thanks for everything they have brought to the team and we part ways with some incredible memories."

The post confirmed that the pair will feature in the brand new fifth season and also revealed that two new investigators will be joining the team in the coming weeks to work on future projects.

As well as the new episodes, subscribers of the Haunted Hunts Extra will get access to behind the scenes footage from 'Cemeteries Of The' Dead', including a séance, which was filmed half way through the first investigation of the season.

The new episodes come off the back of the team's successful 2021 series, entitled 'Project Invocation', a ten-episode experiment that was designed to test if fear itself can invoke paranormal activity and resulted in some pretty terrifying moments for some of the team.

Before this, in 2020, the team tackled a number of hauntings related to the stories of suffering, execution and witchcraft at Pendle Hill in Lancashire, the location of one of the country's most infamous series of witch trials in season three. While the show's second season focussed exclusively on the historic walled city of Cheshire.

But it all started for 'The Haunted Hunts' back in 2018 with their first series, 'Behind The Shadows', which followed the team as they investigated some of the UK's most famously haunted locations, including Pool Park Asylum, Antwerp Mansion and the infamous Ancient Ram Inn.

If you can't wait until the end of spring for 'Cemeteries Of The Dead' then you can re-watch all episodes on Amazon Prime now.

You can check out our complete episode guide here, or watch the full series of 'The Haunted Hunts: Project Invocation' on Amazon Prime now or on the show's official Patreon stream, The Haunted Hunts Extra.

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