Most Haunted At Ashwell Prison, Part Two - Series 23, Episode 2 Review

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Most Haunted - Ashwell Prison

The second part of Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team's investigation of a former prison in Rutland. This episode follows on from the "As-Live" special that aired last night and was filmed at the vast and abandoned HM Prison Ashwell in Rutland, where there have been reports of cell doors slamming, disembodied voices and whispering, and unexplained knocks and bangs.

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The Story So Far

Most Haunted - Ashwell Prison

In the first part of the investigation, the team focussed their investigation on Wings E, F and G, while two of the crew, Jenny Bryant, and Louise Jones stayed in the base room monitoring the feed from four static cameras placed at paranormal hotspots throughout the building.

During their investigation, the team witnessed unexplained knocks, loud bangs, disembodied footsteps and loud breathy sighs. There was also activity on the K-II EMF meter, which shows unusual fluctuations in the ambient electromagnetic field, a phenomenon that is believed to be related to spiritual energy.

Yvette attempted to communicate with the spirits by asking them to tap out their answers to her questions. Through this method she concluded that there were seven spirits present. That four of these spirits meant them harm that they were all male and that they had a connection with the land dating back to a time before the prison was built.

The show's resident demonologist, Fred Batt, treated us to some of his legendary incantations. He also saw a light or shadow move at the bottom of some stairs. Jenny and Lou also saw something in this area on the static cameras at that same moment.

Skeptic, Glen Hunt, was with the show's sound guy Darren Hutchinson on E Wing when they heard what sounded like someone clearing their throat. A little while later Darren reported feeling uneasy and like his chest was tight. "It's genuinely unnerving me," he said.

At one point, the show's executive producer, Karl Beattie, was sure he heard Yvette call him on his walkie-talkie, but when he radioed through to check, Yvette said "no, I did not call."

The highlight of the episode was probably the moment when Yvette suggested that gay former inmates might have taken a shine to Stuart Torevell. She called out, "do you fancy Stuart?" There was no response from the spirits, but Stuart said, "I'll take one for the team if you show yourself to us, and that's a promise."

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The Drama Continues...

Most Haunted - Ashwell Prison

This episode picks up where the last left off, with the team spread across the prison complex on lone vigils. Yvette had nominated herself to go to the lower floor of G Wing on her own, this is said to be the most haunted part of the site.

After a little while alone in the dark she heard a loud noise out in the corridor while she was in one of the cells. She shouted out, "listen you piece of s**t, you don't scare me!" But it did, because soon after that Yvette called an end to her vigil and tried to retreat to the base room.

However, Yvette ended up getting lost on her way out and became more and more scared, eventually she had to call for help on her radio. Camera man, Gregg Smith, who had been in the same building on the upper floor ran down to rescue her.

Once she was safe, Yvette said "that's why I don't do these solo vigils because my nerves are shot." She went on to say sorry for her very loud screaming, "I apologise to everybody at home for the screaming and scaring the pets. And, I think a bit of wee wee has come away as well." Gregg said, "good job it's not scratch and sniff TV," before taking Yvette back to the base room.
Most Haunted - Ashwell Prison

Karl wasn't having much fun on his vigil either. He was walking through a very dark corridor on the lower floor of F Wing, when he heard a noise coming from the other end like something being thrown at him.

After this, Karl heard a strange humming sound and the sound of footsteps, which lead him to say "I don't know what it is about this place, but it really does fill you with fear. Absolute fear." Then moment later there was another loud crash in the corridor like something being thrown and then a cell door slammed behind him.

Karl walked along the corridor and called out to the spirits, "who's there? Show yourself. You don't scare me," then he muttered under his breath, "well, actually you do."

Darren, who was on his own on the upper level of F Wing was also pretty spooked after hearing several loud thuds. Meanwhile, Stuart and Fred were together in E Wing, where they heard what sounded like voices.
Most Haunted - Ashwell Prison

After regrouping, the team split up again to continue their investigation. Most of the team were in G Wing, where Stuart started things off by calling out to the spirits. Glen and Gregg then noticed the smell of aftershave, which is apparently a common paranormal occurrence in parts of the prison. Gregg said, "I get the impression that we're being watched, but it's more than being watched, it's like we're being..." Fred, jumped in, "...stalked."

Meanwhile, Yvette and Karl started on the lower floor of E Wing, where they heard a sound coming from the upper floor. They went upstairs to investigate and as they did heard a sound like something following them up the stairs. Moments later they heard a very loud bang, which sounded like a door slamming.

By this point, Yvette was pretty freaked out and said to Karl who was stood in front of her, "if something happens, we need to know how to get out, but you keep going further and further in." Karl replied, "but that's the fun of it." This just angered Yvette who snapped, "no, it's not the frigging fun of it and it's not fun!" Yvette was unaware of the fact that Karl was smirking into the camera, but she didn't need to be able to see him to know what he was up to, she said "don't you be doing any of those funny looks to camera!" With a telling grin on his face, Karl tried to deny it.

Karl then spotted a ladder to the attic and asked, "shall we go up there?" Yvette, who was already desperate to leave said "no, no, no!" On this occasion Yvette got her way and tried to drag Karl out of the cell block, although she didn't have much luck as Karl seemed to just be leading them around in circles.

Eventually Yvette said she was calling the others on the radio and that she was going to end the investigation. She looked into the camera and said, "we're finishing the programme because my stupid husband has got us lost and I can't cope any more." Yvette then thanked the viewers for watching and wrapped up by saying, "it's been a very interesting and frightening location."

As they head for the exit, Yvette continued her onslaught telling Karl, "I'm not going to speak to you when we get home because you always run off and you don't concentrate." Karl tried to smooth things over by saying, "I'll buy you a handbag."

Eventually they made it out and a relieved Yvette said, "thank God," before hitting Karl and calling him stupid and with that, the episode came to an end.
The 'As-Live' episode and the second half were as entertaining as always, but I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited by Ashwell Prison as a location. As a viewer, it was hard to get a feel for the layout of the prison and every area of the prison looked the same, basically just small rooms. It didn't really look like a prison, more like an abandoned office block.

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