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An all-new 'Most Haunted: Extra' marks the start of the festive season in the first of a two part special, 'Ghosts Of Most Haunted Christmas Past'.

Most Haunted At Delapré Abbey - Part 1
Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell return to Delapré Abbey in Northampton on the hunt for a phantom dog and the ghost of nun that's been seen walking the corridors. The pair first visited the haunted property in 2014 with Yvette Fielding and the rest of the 'Most Haunted' team as part of the show's 16 the series.

Delapré Abbey was built in 1145, originally as a nunnery founded by Simon de Senlis, Earl of Northampton. The body of Queen Eleanor, wife of King Edward, first lay in the chapel on its way to Westminster following her death on the November 28, 1290.

1460 saw the Battle of Northampton between the Lancastrian, King Henry VI and the exiled Yorkist, Edward Earl of March. The king was captured soon after the battle commenced and was held prisoner at the abbey until being taken to London.

With King Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries the nunnery was finally surrendered in 1538. Between 1546 and 1764 the property was in the ownership of the Tate family. It was during this time that the abbey was extensively remodelled. In 1764 the house was sold to the Bouverie family, who continued its transformation to the building we see today. During the Second World War the abbey was requisitioned by the War Office. In 1946 the Northampton Corporation purchased the building and in 1958 Northamptonshire County Council took over the building.

With such a colourful history no wonder, this remarkable place is said to be haunted. The figure of a nun has been seen with stark regularity, soldiers witnessed walking the staircase, dark shadows slowly move across otherwise empty rooms, corridors and hallways, voices and cries have been heard in the dead of night, footsteps echo through the building, doors bang with no explanation and poltergeist activity is said to be rife. A large black ghostly dog has been seen in and around the grounds, known as a harbinger of death.

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With all the paranormal activity at Delapré Abbey, Karl and Stuart had to return in the first of a series of seven Christmas specials. The ghost-hunting duo admitted that they don't remember much about their previous visit to the abbey, but the location soon gave them a few reminders.

The house, which today is a tourist attraction and wedding venue, was decorate ready for Christmas when the fearless investigators arrived. They started their vigil on the first floor, where pretty soon they heard what they thought sounded like a disembodied cry.

This strange incident was followed up by unexplained knocks and bangs, a door latch seemed to move on its own and at one point they noticed that a chair had moved, a clear difference could be seen when compared to earlier footage.

Towards the end of the first part, Karl was convinced that he heard footsteps walking along the corridor outside the room he was in, but there was plenty more to come as Karl and Stuart continue their investigation in the next episode.

The mini-series of 'Most Haunted' Christmas specials continues with the second part of 'The Ghost Of Most Haunted Past' at Delapré Abbey, which is available to watch now.

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