Most Haunted At Hodroyd Hall, Part Three - Series 24, Episode 6 Review

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Most Haunted At Hodroyd Hall

The conclusion of Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team's three-part investigation of a derelict manor house in the Yorkshire Dales. Hodroyd Hall, near Barnsley, has already proved to be a very active location for the team.

The all-but-deserted manor house boasts a history of murder, death and intrigue. The team's investigation is spread over three episodes, this is the third and final, where we see the team search to uncover the truth behind one of the hall's most endearing mysteries.

For a third time, Yvette is joined by her brother, Rick Fielding, who was a part of the original Most Haunted team when it first aired on Living TV in 2002. Rick has returned as a special guest investigator for this location.

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The Story So Far

Yvette & Rick Fielding, Most Haunted

The team spent their time in the house's basement in the first part of the investigation, where they encountered the strange phenomenon of coins being thrown from seemingly nowhere.

The the second part of the trilogy the team spread out throughout the hall. The show's skeptic, Glen Hunt, thought he saw a shadowy figure in the attic, more coins were thrown at demonologist Fred Batt in the bedrooms and Karl Beattie heard several loud bangs and witnessed a door slamming.

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The Drama Continues

Most Haunted At Hodroyd Hall

The action picks up where we left off with camera man Gregg Smith and sound guy Darren Hutchinson conducting a vigil in the cellar, which they soon wrapped up. Meanwhile, Karl was alone in the attic worrying that his camera's light was about to die, there was then a loud bang. Which Karl described as sounding like dragging or movement. He then stopped in the hallway that runs through the large attic space, where he thought he could hear something coming towards him. A few seconds later a door slammed again somewhere nearby.

Not long after this, Karl described the attic area as "too freaky" and decided to leave and return to the safety of the others, but even as he left he could hear what sounded like footsteps in the darkness.

Fred was also wrapping up his vigil in the bedroom, as was Glen, who had been alone on the upper floors towards the end of the previous episode, where he was trying to capture EVPs on his laptop. As he was about to leave and return to the others, he found that the door he'd passed through was open, however a replay confirmed that when he entered the room he had made a point of closing the door.

Yvette was still investigating the back of the building with Rick, where they heard noises coming from one of the rooms, and although faint tapping sounds continued for a while things started to quieten down, so the team re-grouped before continuing their investigation.

Lower Levels

Most Haunted At Hodroyd Hall

Yvette took Glen, Gregg and Darren to the lower levels where they conducted a séance in an attempt to contact the spirits of the hall. With Darren behind the camera, the rest of them stood around a table with their fingers resting gently on the surface and Yvette called out to the spirits asking them to give a sign they are present and urging them to move the table. The team did start picking up on tiny movements in the table and felt it swaying slightly.

A few moments later Gregg reported feeling an odd sensation like a pressure change, likening it to the sensation felt when a plane comes in to land. Yvette then started knocking and asking any spirits present to copy, there were three clear knocks in response to Yvette's bangs on the table. The sounds didn't seem to be coming from the table but from somewhere around them.

Yvette then decided to lie on the table to see if anything would happen. Whilst lead down she started calling out again, "can you move the table please. I know you're here, we can feel your energy." Yvette didn't stay in this position for long, she moved after reporting that she felt weird.

Darren took over and lay down on the table and before long the table started rocking back and forth. Gregg described the activity as "happy and playful".

The Attic

Most Haunted At Hodroyd Hall

Meanwhile, Karl was back in the attic, this time with Rick for support. Rick didn't find it as freaky as Karl had earlier, he described it as being "quite calm", but before long they started hearing tapping sounds, which escalated to a sound which they described as being like a heartbeat. Karl called out to the spirits and asked for them to stop making the noises, which is a wise move as if the sound then stops it can help to prove that it is not just a natural sound. The sound did seem to stop on command.

Then just as things started to slow down, there was a clattering sound as what sounded like several coins were thrown from an unknown source and landed on the floor behind them. Karl examined the coins and found them to be from different periods.

With the knocks becoming more and more responsive, Karl held up his fingers and asked the spirits to knock out how many he was holding up. The knocks correctly corresponded to the number of fingers. Rick tried the same experiment, holding up five digits on one hand, there were four knocks in response. Karl took this to be correct as technically one of his digits was a thumb.

Using the method of one knock for "yes" and two for "no", Karl was able to deduce that the spirit they were in contact with was murdered and was one of the hall's servants as they lived in the attic space, which was once the servants' quarters. Could this be the ghost of the servant girl who was burnt alive after being pushed into a fireplace by an unknown assailant?

Karl and Rick continued to question the spirit through this method and discovered that the spirit was indeed this maid and that her assailant, who lived in the house with her, pushed her into the fire when she refused his advances. The duo then went in search of the fireplace that she may have been pushed into.

They eventually found the fireplace where the spirit died, it repeatedly knocked twice to confirm that the fireplace they were stood next too was the place where the maid died. They tried to find out more about her death but the knocks became nonsensical and the duo weren't able to obtain any more information, other than the fact that it wasn't an accident.

With this, daylight was beginning to show outside and the mammoth three-part investigation came to an end.
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