Most Haunted At Kelham Hall, Part Two - Series 24, Episode 8 Review

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Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

The second half of Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team's investigation of Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire. A hall with a history of opulent success, catastrophic failure and now, alleged hauntings. It was once a family home, but since then has housed monks and soldiers.

The huge building is said to have ghost stories on each of its floors, with activity that includes doors slamming on their own, disembodied footsteps, objects moving of their own accord and reports of the ghost of children who have been seen and heard running and giggling as they play in the dead of night.

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The Story So Far

Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

In the first half of the investigation the team spent most of their time in the building's vast cellar where cameraman Gregg Smith had a heavy metal pipe thrown at him during a lone vigil, and Stuart Torevell witnessed strange bangs and a terrifying moment when a table appeared to have been flipped over by an unseen force.

Meanwhile, Yvette had been exploring the dark network of corridors and rooms with Karl Beattie and demonologist Fred Batt, they too heard plenty of odd sounds and witnessed a door banging.

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The Drama Continues...

Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

We picked up where the previous episode had left off, with Yvette, Karl and Fred in the cellar. While they were walking through an area known as the machine room they heard a strange breathy sigh coming from outside the room they were in. Seconds later a piece of machinery switched on, scaring the life out of the team.

Karl said, "we've been down here doing our GVs [general views] all day and nothing has come on, and why would it come on for just a second?"

Karl then had a frightening moment when he heard something right in his ear. In an unusual twist of events, it was Karl who grabbed on to Yvette for protection. Yvette, laughing, described this as "very unusual, you never grab hold of me."

As they left the cellar, they found a sheet of metal blocking their path, which hadn't been there when they entered. This might explain one of the noises they heard.
Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

Gregg was still alone in the area of the cellar he was investigating, it consisted of one big room and a smaller chamber, that was situated midway along the cellar. We rejoin him as he tells us he can smell a sulphur-like scent similar to burning matches, then he's cutoff mid-sentence when he's startled by a loud crash as something is thrown nearby.

Gregg walked though into the adjoining chamber to find that some storage racking had been pushed over. He said, "I'm not happy, I'm getting out," but before he ran off explained what had happened, "one of these cabinets there, which was right there and it's down on the deck."

After that he didn't hang around and made his way out of the cellar as quickly as he could.

Glen was having a much quieter time in a room of his own in the cellar with his trusty laptop, which he was planning to use to attempt to capture spirit voices in the form of audio recordings known as EVPs. He had no activity in the last episode and his luck continued into this episode. Glen speaking to camera said, "it's all quiet in my room."

Upper Corridors

Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

Karl was alone in one of the upper corridors where he heard what sounded like a laugh or a cry coming from behind a closed door. He quickly opened the door into the room to find an office chair just the other side of the door spinning. Karl described the evidence as "amazing."

Seconds later he jumped when he heard a door slamming, even though none of the doors seemed to have moved. A few moments later he heard sounds coming from the corridor and went to investigate. While searching another of the small rooms off of the corridor he heard a bang on the door of the room he was in.

A really odd noise was then heard, at first it sounded like something rattling but it sounded just like laughter. Karl followed the sound and found himself back in the room where he'd found the swivel chair spinning. Later while stood outside that same room with the door closed, Karl heard a loud knock on the door, but once inside the room it was revealed to be empty. When he left the room via the same door he came in just moments before, a recycling bin had been dragged into his path.

"I am freaked the hell out and I am not staying up here," he said, but curiosity got the better of him and he stayed for one last round, which started out with him hearing what he described as being the sound of footsteps walking towards him along the empty corridor. Karl went into one of the small box rooms to look around, but wasn't there for long as he heard a noise coming from the corridor. He went back out to find a chair placed right in the middle of the hallway, which clearly hadn't been there before.

With that, Karl really had had enough and called an end to his vigil.

Small Staircase

Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

Fred, Stuart and Gregg started out at the top of a small staircase but were lead deeper in to the upper floors by various unexplained sounds. After a while they heard a door slam and as they were going to investigate heard a loud bang coming from somewhere in the building near them.

While in a room, which looked like it had been used as an office, a door closed itself. Stuart saw it moving and spun around with his camera but missed the movement. They closed the door and a few minutes later, while Gregg was stood in front of it chatting to Stuart with the camera, the door opened again. This time the moment was caught on camera.

The Auditorium

Most Haunted At Kelham Hall

Yvette and Glen has sat themselves down in the middle of the building's enormous auditorium. After a quiet start to their vigil, Yvette said she heard what initially sounded like a motorbike, but the more she thought about it, the more she thought it might have been a monk's chant. Glen didn't seem convinced, simply replying "your mind's working over time in here isn't it."

Yvette then tried whistling and asked the spirits to copy. Glen said he heard a whistle coming back at him, which he thinks was clearly not an echo. She then tried sining "ave Maria" in the hopes that it might entice the spirits of any monks haunting the building.

Later they both heard a strange sound, Glen thought it sounded like a whisper but Yvette said it was like a classic ghost "woooo". Glen checked his laptop to see if he'd caught the sound in his audio recording. Unfortunately the sound wasn't caught on camera or the laptop.

Yvette said, "this is the bit where I get really frustrated. We've been sat here for ages and you're willing something to happen, but it's so quiet. And then when something does happen you're beside yourself with excitement aren't you," Glen agreed.

The episode and the team's investigation of Kelham Hall ended with Yvette and Glen heading off into the darkness to find the rest of the team.
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