Most Haunted's Top 10 Funniest Moments

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This article is more than five years old and was last updated in May 2022.

Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team take their ghost hunting pretty seriously, but from time to time things don't go to plan, especially on the live shows. While this might cause discomfort, embarrassment or even a bit of short term pain for the crew, for the audience it often produces a laugh out loud moment.

Over the years fans of the show have chuckled at everything from Derek Acorah's "Mary loves Dick" outburst to a member of the crew falling into a grave.

Below are the ten most memorable moments in the history of the long-running ghost hunting show that had viewers laughing in front of their televisions.

Just missing out on the top ten were the moments when Stuart Torevell invented the phrase "Stu pot" and one of the camera men called out to the spirits during a Most Haunted Live saying, "do something, kick me in the balls!"

10. The Last Welsh Dragon

Fred Batt And Darren Hutchinson At Whittington Castle

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During series 19, which aired in 2016, the team investigated a medieval castle in Shropshire, with more than 3,000 years history murder and treachery.

There was a great moment in the episode when sound man Darren Hutchinson was teamed up with the show's demonologist, Fred Batt. Whenever the two are together, it almost always lead to an amusing exchange and their time together at Whittington Castle didn't fail to disappoint.

The pair were in the courtroom, where Fred was telling Darren about the castle's history and its legends of dragons and witches, "the last dragon, the last Welsh dragon was actually in this area. A red dragon. There was a red dragon and a white dragon..."

Darren, looking confused, asked, "is that not just folklore?"

Fred stuck to his story, seeming to believe that dragons actually once existed, "well, yeah, it could be but it's well documented." Fred continued, "there was this dragon guarding a treasure trove, gold and jewels and this chap who knew about the dragon came to the earl here and he wanted permission to kill it to get the jewels. He gave him permission, he killed the dragon but then the earl took the treasure trove of jewels which is meant to be here somewhere, it's meant to be buried in this castle grounds somewhere."

Darren, still unconvinced simply replied, "OK," with a confused look on his face.

9. Textiles Of Terror

Karl Scared On Most Haunted

A night at the very haunted Weir Mill on the bank of the River Mersey proved a little too much for one member of the team. During the night, Stuart left the investigation early after receiving medical attention following a mysterious incident. It was one of the show's most terrifying episodes to date, but it also gave us one of the show's funniest happenings.

The building was abandoned and lay empty for many years and it's during this time that occultists used the building as somewhere to perform devil worship and conduct Satanic rituals, but more recently has been converted into an airsoft venue.

While Karl Beattie was roaming the pitch black cotton mill alone on the trail of spooks, he hadn't expected there to be something right in front of him in the darkness. Part of the dressing for the airsoft venue included some pieces of fabric which were hanging from the ceiling... unbeknown to Karl. With the night vision camera trained on his own face, Karl walked straight through the strips of fabric and had the fright of his life, but his reaction was priceless.

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8. The Fairyologist

Darren Hutchinson & Fred Batt - Most Haunted, The Moat House Tamworth

We've already established that Darren isn't the greatest fan of working with Fred, and this issue reared its ugly head again during the 2018 series of the show at the Moat House in Tamworth. A building that started its life as a private house, before becoming an asylum, today it is a thriving bar and restaurant.

Darren was in the restaurant area with Fred and Gregg Smith, who was manning the camera. They straight away started hearing knocks and bangs around them. Fred started doing what he does best, calling out to the spirits. Darren said "I don't feel like it's an evil place, I just feel that it's an active place."

Darren said that he thought Fred might have summoned up something nice, rather than evil. But quick witted Gregg reminded him, "he's a demonologist, not a fairyologist." The phrase became one of the most memorable quotes of the series.

7. Stick-In-The-Mud

Most Haunted At Seafield Bay, Manningtree

For three nights in 2004 the team broadcast live from Essex as they investigated the story of Matthew Hopkins, "The Witchfinder General" of the infamous witch trials. Yvette had an unexpected accident while walking along Seafield Bay near Manningtree in the county.

Yvette was on the beach in the dark with Derek and the show's skeptic Matthew Smith, an area which is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a witch who was tortured and executed. As Derek started to pick up on the residual energy of the spirit, Yvette suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.

Seafield Bay is actually nothing more than a huge mudflat, and Yvette was sinking in the mud. It took the whole team to very unceremoniously pull Yvette free, but although she was freed, her wellington boots remained firmly stuck in the mud.

6. Mary Loves Dick

A legendary moment in Most Haunted's history and perhaps one of the most memorable British television moments of all time. It happened during a three-night Most Haunted Live at the end of 2003. The team were on the trail of legendary highwayman, Dick Turpin.

They started the first night of the investigation on Hampstead Heath in London, before moving on to the Spaniards Inn, a nearby pub, which Turpin's father was said to have been the landlord of.

While holding a vigil in the dark with Yvette and Phil Whyman, Derek became aware of the presence of a female spirit called Mary. This turned out to be the mother of Dick Turpin, Mary Parmenter. Derek said that he felt that she had "a great love for Dick". Derek described how she covers Dick up and protects him, and of course she would, because like all mother and son relationships, Mary loves Dick.

Although factually accurate, it was hilarious and a little too much for Yvette who did all she could to stop herself from laughing. After repeating "Mary loves Dick, Mary Loves Dick" several times, the moment when down in television history.

5. Grave Peril

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If you're a fan of Most Haunted, then you'll have guessed that Stuart was going to make it on to this list somewhere, at least once. So, in at number four, it's Stuart falling into a grave.

The incident happened during the team's chilling investigation of the Black Bull Inn in Haworth, a West Yorkshire village made famous by the Bronte family. The inn itself is rumoured to be the place where Branwell Bronte, brother to the three famous sisters, first developed addictions to alcohol and opium.

However, behind the inn there is a large graveyard, which is said to contain 40,000 bodies. Karl and Stuart had gone to hold a vigil in the graveyard, but instead of looking for ghosts, Stuart should have looked where he was going. In the darkness Stu stepped and fell into a hole in the ground.

4. Let's Go!

Most Haunted At Ruthin Castle

While investigating the 13th century Ruthin Castle in Wales, Karl and Stuart were holding a vigil in room 222. The castle is now a hotel and 222 is one of the guest rooms, but above the room is an empty and abandoned floor.

After an hour and 20 minutes, nothing had happened. Eventually they sat down on two comfy looking chairs and continued to call out, but when they suddenly heard the sound of footsteps and they sprang into action. Stuart jumped over the back of his chair, caught his foot and fell over. They then remembered they didn't have the camera and Karl ran back and grabbed it before going upstairs to investigate the sound.

3. Scooby Doo Hommage

Darren Hutchinson Most Haunted

Fred and Darren inadvertently recreated a scene from a Scooby Do cartoon in an episode of Most Haunted filmed at Beaumanor Hall, a huge Victorian country house in Leicestershire. The team were seeking out paranormal activity in the building's cellars and Darren and Fred had been teamed up together.

Darren started complaining straight away, "is there any chance we could just check out the ghosts that are already down here, rather than trying to bring some horrendous things?" But Fred ignored his request and started reciting his incantations, "I summon you to come forward".

Darren was already ready to leave at this point, but begrudgingly he stuck around. Fred didn't help matters, he suddenly shouted "behind you," causing Darren to panic. Apparently Fred had seen a red shadow behind the nervous sound recordist. After this, Fred really started pushing his luck, calling out "touch Darren, kick him, push him, he doesn't believe in you."

Fred began to chant again, but Darren had had enough, "right stop it now, stop it, stop it, stop it!" He said he'd felt something behind him. Darren walked off, presumably trying to find his way out, while Fred could be heard "still going off" in the distance.

Fred then shouted "Darren where are you?" and hilariously Darren ran off leaving Fred calling out for him alone in the darkness. Darren now hiding from Fred said, "this is like some sort of dark comedy now." Fred briefly found Darren, but he made a run for it again in an attempt to get out of the cellar. He eventually found his way above ground and into the carpark, and with relief in his voice said, "I'm done for the night."

2. The Pompom Of Death

HMP Shrewsbury Prison C-Wing

HM Prison Shrewsbury was one of the most memorable and terrifying locations the team have ever investigated, especially for Yvette. Not only was she terrified by things that went bump in the night, but also the bobble of her own hat.

Yvette stupidly agreed to go to the kitchen of the now-abandoned prison with Karl, who suggested the pair go inside one of the kitchen's walk-in freezers, Yvette had other ideas and protested, "I'm not going in there. No way am I going in there."

Karl took Yvette into an area they'd not been to before, where to her horror, they found a cold room. Karl opened the door and Yvette screamed and ran after seeing what looked like "dead bodies" hanging from the ceiling. Karl wasn't far behind her.

All this had just about pushed Yvette to her limit, "you're going to take me out now," she demanded. To make things worse, during her panic a pompom from her own hat swung up and hit her in the face, causing her to scream and adding to her fear.

1. Eight Foot Long Tarantula

Unsurprisingly, the incident that we best remember that had us in stitches when we first saw it involves Stuart. The moment happened during an episode shot in Sleepy Hollow, New York. The Most Haunted team were investigating a cemetery and had set up camp at the location of an infamous wooden bridge, it is said that you can hear the hooves of the famous horseman galloping across it in the dead of night.

But it wasn't the sound of galloping hooves that was bothering Stuart in the darkness but the patter of tiny spider feet. Stuart burst from his tent after discovering a spider crawling on him. Despite the fact it was only a little harvester spider that ran up his leg, Stuart called it a tarantula. Karl was very amused by the whole thing and could be heard laughing behind the camera.

Karl chuckled, "it's a ****ing little spider", but Stuart wasn't amused. He snapped back, "b*****ks, it's about eight foot long." Which sent Karl into a fit of laughter.
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