Your Chance To Spend A Weekend In Morecambe's Abandoned & Very Haunted Park Hotel

June 29, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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The Park Hotel, Morecambe
If you're feeling brave, you could spend the whole weekend hunting ghosts in the vast and formidable, Park Hotel, which now stands abandoned on Morecambe seafront.

The Park Hotel is known for its ghostly goings on, with reports of the sounds of children running through the empty corridors, disembodied screams, sightings of a male apparition, and a sinister black shape lurking in the basement. With access to all six of the historic hotel's floors, what better way to get a feel for a haunted location of this scale by staying there for two nights.

The event takes place from November 25 - 27 and is hosted exclusively by North East based paranormal team, Lone Vigils. Guests will arrive on the Friday at 9pm and get stuck into the first night of investigation.

Those brave enough to embark on this weekend-long ghost hunting event will be following in the footsteps of Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, who spent 72 hours locked down inside the grand hotel while filming an episode of the 'Paranormal Lockdown'.

Upon entering the hotel in the 2019 episode of the show, Katrina said "I instantly feel transported back to another time, it reminds me a little bit of horror movies but also these kind of fantasies I've had about what it must have been like to be in that time period." Nick added, "it's very haunting, it's very chilling."

The Park Hotel was built in 1895 by Edmond Park, England's wealthiest and most influential were drawn to the luxury establishment, but it was rumoured that after hours Park held séances and strange occult rituals. He mysteriously disappeared in 1899, never to be seen again. Many think that he was murdered in the hotel, cursing the property and his spirit has never left. The story of the curse it well known throughout the town.

Locals say a young soldier drowned in the sea and was brought back to the hotel, where he was pronounced dead. They also tell the tale of a woman named Emma Manson, who was murdered by her husband on the second floor and his body was found hanging in the tower. Another man took his life on the tower too, hanging himself from the outside.

Staff and visitors in the hotel have heard disembodied screams, seen phantom apparitions in the hallways and witnessed a child spirit roaming the building. Lights are said to turn themselves on and off and the property's manager has even caught a demonic face on CCTV.

A two-night stay in the abandoned Victorian hotel will give you a good chance of investigating some of these alleged hauntings for yourself, guided by Lone Vigils Paranormal Investigations. The team, headed up by Chris and Clare, have been running events for over three years and have received great feedback from previous guests, earning them a reputation as one of the best paranormal events companies in the North East.

Lone Vigils Paranormal pride themselves in conducting honest and scientific investigations using a variety of gadgets, as well as back-to-basics methods of contacting spirits, such as the use of spirit boards and human pendulum experiments.

The group have been given exclusive rights to host full weekend of paranormal investigations at the haunted by its general manager. Guests will have access to the vast location, including its servants' quarters, cellar, the old library full of historical books, and many creepy bedrooms.

The hotel was once a destination for the wealthy, but today it is abandoned and far from the luxury setting of its heyday. However Lone Vigil's guests will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel. Across the weekend, the team will also be holding various workshops, and a paranormal quiz on the Saturday evening before the second night of the investigation.

Tickets for the event cost £125 per person and are available at Tickets include two nights accommodation, a buffet breakfast, lunch and evening meal on the Saturday, plus a ghost tour of the Winter Gardens - another infamous haunted location in Morecambe.

Over the weekend, you'll get the chance to get involved in a hands-on paranormal investigation across all six floors of the hotel, with full use of ghost hunting equipment, lone vigils and séances. There will be a range of psychic experiments including the use of Ouija boards, glass divination and table tipping. Plus a selection of refreshments to keep you going through the night.

You can find out more about the event and reserve your place now for a deposit of just £25 by heading over to, or find out about Lone Vigils Paranormal's upcoming events by following the team on Facebook.

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