Yvette Fielding Hints That 'Most Haunted' Might Be Returning To Television

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Yvette Fielding Hints At Most Haunted's Return To Television
Yvette Fielding, the host of the long-running ghost hunting series, 'Most Haunted' has excited fans with the news that the show could soon return to television with a run of 60 new episodes.

The fearless TV presenter broke the news at the weekend during a live interview via webcam on Mark Dolan's GB News show, which airs on Saturday evening on the free-to-air news channel.

Mark, a comedian and writer, confessed to being "properly starstruck" in the presence of Yvette, who he described as "the first lady of the paranormal."

Yvette had joined Mark to talk about her new book, 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The House In The Woods', but Mark wanted to know a little more about the "amazing phenomenon of 'Most Haunted'" and asked Yvette "when is 'Most Haunted' back on TV?"

The show parted ways with Discovery-owned channel, Really, in 2019 and have since been keeping fans entertained with spooky content on their official YouTube channel, but Yvette has now hinted that after a three year absence the show could be set to return to a new channel.

Yvette told the television host, "it's very exciting, because we just sold 60 episodes to the United States, and then I think they're coming over here to the UK, which is really exciting."

Mark, wanting to know more, asked which channel the show will air on. A tight-lipped Yvette said, "it's being negotiated as we speak by a distribution company." Mark joked, "let's see if GB News can nick a couple of episodes, by God we'd love to watch that."

Yvette didn't elaborate on the deal, which would mean that new episodes of the British ghost hunting series would air on a US television network, but would be syndicated back to the UK to another of the network's channels or partners here in the UK.

The Really channel was home to 'Most Haunted' for more than five years, bringing fans nine series of the show. Before this the show was famously broadcast by now-defunct digital channel, Living TV. Yvette also told Mark how her and her husband, Karl Beattie, end up pitching the show to Living.

Speaking from her Cheshire home via a live video call, she said, "it was incredible, it was an idea that Karl and I came up with. A friend had come over to our house on a Sunday afternoon, just for a cup of tea, and he had actually stayed at with his girlfriend just for a weekend at a place called Michelham Priory in East Sussex."

Yvette recalled that the friend told her that the building was haunted by no less than 13 ghosts. Yvette said, "the friend went away and Karl and I sort of sat chatting and he said to me 'would you we said spend the night in a in a haunted house with a camera crew?' I'd watch 'The Blair Witch' a couple of months beforehand, and I said 'what if we got those night vision cameras as well so we could see in the dark?'"

According to Yvette, the pair sat up all night and eventually came up with the idea of 'Most Haunted'. Yvette told the news host, "I don't know what it was, Mark, but I honestly felt like we were sort of pushed from, I don't know, a higher being or whatever it was to really pursue this. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, I sort of felt so passionate about it, as did Karl."

Yvette continued, "we then went and put all our savings into making a pilot program. We wanted it to be edited professionally, we wanted it to be made professionally, we bought professionals on board and it cost us thousands of pounds, we used all our savings."

This was a gamble for the couple, at the time Yvette was nursing their daughter, Mary, who was only a baby at the time. Meanwhile, Karl was working as a cameraman, Yvette said, "we had a mortgage to pay and all the rest of it and we had no money left, we put it all into this pilot program."

However, things didn't get easier straight away and there was initially no interest in the show. Yvette remembers, "we could not sell this idea for love nor money. For six months we went round to every single station knocking on the door." Yvette says they even tried Channel 5, who told the couple that they were unprofessional for even broaching this subject.

Their lucky break came after a friend of a friend took a look at the pilot. Karl took the tape to Arch Dyson, a television veteran who has held senior roles with most major British broadcasters, but at the time worked at Living TV.

Yvette described their meeting, "Arch watched the whole half an hour pilot and then very carefully and quietly sort of pushed the VHS back over the table towards Karl, and Karl thought 'oh, not again' and Arch just went 'I'll have a whole series, please. I'd like 16 programmes'."

Yvette can clearly recall the moment that she heard the news, "I was at home clearing up Lego bricks and Karl phoned me and I fell to the floor, dropped to my knees and the Lego went in my bloody knees, and I remember bursting into tears. Karl was at an airport going off to do a a camera shoot and he was going 'we sold it! We bloody sold it!'."

Now, almost two decades on, the show has notched up 24 series, over 250 episodes and countless hours of live broadcasts, all of which has seen Yvette and her team visit more than 400 different haunted locations across the UK.

The television ghost hunter also chatted about her new book, which is available to buy now. She told Mark, "it's the first in the series of the 'Ghost Hunter Chronicles', it's about three teenagers who decide in their wisdom on Halloween night to take a Ouija board and go into an abandoned old house in the middle of the forest and they contact something and it follows them home."

The interview ended with a clearly captivated Mark saying, "come and see us in the studio really soon, you are a true TV legend and I've loved having you on the show." You can watch the whole interview back on YouTube from around one hour and 12 minutes into Mark's show from Saturday, November 13.

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