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Rhossili Boathouse

July 31, 2017 10:10 PM
Kitchen Corner, The Gower

Rhossili Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the UK and the walk along Worms Head overlooking the bay is breathtaking, but have you ever spotted the small abandoned boathouse on the headland and wondered what it is?

Kitchen Corner, Rhossili Bay, The Gower, South Wales, United Kingdom


Grid Reference: SS401875


No Access

The boathouse is now privately owned and has been made secure by the current owner.


Last Updated: July 31, 2017 11:06 PM

The two-roomed, boathouse was built in the 1920s in a spot known as Kitchen Corner, a small bay to the right of the path that leads down to the Worms Head causeway. It overlooks Rhossili Bay, Broughton Burrows, and the Bristol channel.

The building has never been permanently lived in, but was used to store boats and fishing equipment, hence there's no mains water, gas or electricity.

Robert Harrison - 'Morning Kitchen Corner'

Robert Harrison - 'Morning Kitchen Corner'

This spot is one of my favourite places anywhere, so I couldn't believe my luck when last year I happened to stumble across an original painting by renowned Welsh artist Robert Harrison on eBay. The painting now hangs proudly in my hallway.

Robert Harrison's technique involves overlaying alkyd oil paint with a palette knife, rags and fingers. He painted 'Morning Kitchen Corner' in 1992.

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