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  • Rentaghost
    February 13, 2018

    British Kids TV Shows Featuring Horror & The Occult

    Here's our look at just some of the ways the occult made its way into children's TV in the UK, in a time when kid's television was seen as somewhere up and coming actors, writers, producers and directors could experiment.

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  • Stainless steel
    February 12, 2018

    The Most Boring Online Quiz In The World - How Boring Are You?

    Can you get all your way through our quiz? Do you have a boring personality? Find out how boring you really are. We've used science to determine the most boring questions in existence, can you put your powers of concentration to the test and answer all 100 and find out if you're the most boring person you know?

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  • Christmas Drinks
    December 22, 2017

    Christmas Drinks To Avoid

    Christmas is a time when lots of seasonal alcoholic drinks appear on the shelves, but are they any good? In the spirit of research, we decided to raid the local shops to find some Christmassy drinks and put them to the test.

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  • Wham! - 'Last Christmas'
    December 20, 2017

    Unwrapping Your Favourite Christmas songs

    Christmas songs – impossible to avoid, sometimes hard to love. We're taking a closer look at some of those Christmas classics that play a part of everyone's Christmas.

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  • A Very British Christmas
    December 13, 2017

    What Makes A British Christmas – A New Book May Have The Answer

    Christmas. Billions of people celebrate, or at least acknowledge it, every year. But what makes a British Christmas? One person who has set out to document the myriad ways we celebrate a British Christmas is writer and musician Rhodri Marsden, who recently published 'A Very British Christmas – Twelve Days of Discomfort and Joy'.

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  • Elf Drinking Scene
    December 06, 2017

    The Christmas Movie Drink-A-Long

    It's not like you need an excuse to raise a glass at this time of year, but our guide to some great Christmas drinks in some great Christmas films might be just the ticket for you to get the sherry out and drink along.

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  • Christmas Log
    December 05, 2017

    9 Strangest Christmas Traditions From Around The World

    It's a tradition that at this time of year newspapers and websites publish a list of Christmas traditions. Higgypop is no stranger to that festive tradition, only we're doing it in our own way. But what's a 'normal tradition' for us might seem strange to others. For example, in the UK it used to be the habit that a strangely dressed, bearded fellow would appear as if by magic in everyone's living room on Christmas Day. But enough about Noel Edmond's TV specials, what do the rest of the world get up to when celebrating the birth of little baby Jesus?

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  • Stranger Things Season 3 On Netflix
    November 12, 2017

    What To Watch After Stranger Things

    So you've got to the end of Stranger Things, but you're suffering withdrawal symptoms from life in Hawkins. Well, we have a cure for you, a list of all the films and TV shows that have influenced the show in some way that you can go and watch again. Or, if you're really lucky, see for the first time!

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  • Cat
    November 02, 2017

    Can Pets See Ghosts?

    It's a popular trope on horror films. Animals sensing the arrival of 'beings from beyond the grave' and attempting to alert humans to the unscheduled arrivals. But is there any truth beyond what we see on screen?

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  • The Gate Strange Things 2
    November 01, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 9

    This is it folks, on the downhill stretch. Will they save Will? Can they close the gate? Will Dustin find a girl? Will Lucas smooch Max? Will there be another series? Face it, if you're reading this, you already know. But what references did we pick up on to life in the 80s, and other films in general?

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  • Demodog In Stranger Things 2
    November 01, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 8

    The one-off special episode of The Lost Sister is over, El is coming back, the Demodogs are creeping out of the ground setting in process are ride to the end of the series. There's a lot to get through. Let's start by going back, way back to the Jurassic period...

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  • Eleven Moves A Train In Stranger Things Season 2
    November 01, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 7

    Stranger Things 2 takes a bit of a detour this episode as we follow Eleven's adventures hooking up with her 'sister' Kali. Will she stay with the gang and therefore forget about everyone else in Hawkins?

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  • Steve In The Junkyard Stranger Things 2
    October 31, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 6

    Whilst Will's connection to whatever evil is lurking below Hawkins grows ever-stronger, nobody seems to have a clue how to save him. Elsewhere, Dustin and Steve form an unlikely bromance, bonding over girlfriend tips and Steve's haircare advice. But will we, the viewers, discover any fresh 80s references?

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  • Stranger Things Dig Dug
    October 31, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 5

    Dig Dug is of course the name of one of the arcade games we saw Max playing back in episode one. Will episode 5 score highly in our rundown of 80s references in Stranger Things 2? Well, yes, of course it will!

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  • Zombie Boy Stranger Things 2
    October 30, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 4

    Lots to get our teeth into plot-wise in episode 4. Will starts letting his mum into his world of pain, Hopper digs for the truth, Nancy and Jonathan pair up whilst Eleven makes an interesting discovery. That left less room for the 80s references, but what did they manage to shoehorn in?

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  • D'Artagnan In Stranger Things
    October 30, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 3

    After setting up the season and getting us to Halloween in the first couple of episodes, it's time to head on with the plot. Dustin appears to have found a new friend in his bin, what could it be?

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  • Dustin Stranger Things
    October 29, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 2

    Halloween. A night when the barrier between our world, and other worlds, gets so thin, sometimes it breaks and things from beyond can enter our domain. Why should the town of Hawkins be any different during the season of the witch?

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  • Madmax Dig Sug Stranger Things
    October 29, 2017

    80s References In Stranger Things 2, Episode 1

    If you were lucky enough to remember the 80s, 'Stranger Things', the smash-hit Netflix series now released for its second season, is chock full of references to 80s music, tv, film and fashion. Even if you don’t remember the 80s, or you weren’t even born then, it's fun to try and pick out all the nods to that decade in the show. How many are you picking up in Season 2?

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