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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

The Old Picture House & Haunted Museum on Woodborough Road is one of the city's newest haunted landmarks. Steve and Marie Wesson had been collecting haunted artefacts and oddities from around the world for years and had been searching for a suitable place to display them. Finally in 2018 they acquired an abandoned picture house, which is built on the site of a former asylum.

The old cinema, which has many of the original features intact, now houses various items with dark attachments, including a fridge that was once used to chill the dead from the morgue of Denbigh Asylum in Wales, as well as an instrument used to summon Satan called the Devil's Guitar, which came all the way from Iraq. There's real human skulls, a dybbuk box that is said to contain an evil spirt, and a doll made from a dead man's bandages, which has been seen to move by itself.

Visitors have reported paranormal experiences in the museum, including cold blasts of air, bangs, scream and the sensation of being touched. Straight after moving into the building Marie saw an unknown woman wandering around the building, despite the fact the building was empty and the doors were locked.

The owners captured video footage of a heavy metal handle on an old funeral hearse swinging wildly of its own accord while the building was locked up over night.

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