Chester's 'My Haunted Hotel' Opens Its Doors To Hardcore Skeptics

August 20, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
Berado At My Haunted Hotel
In a bold move to prove the authenticity of their paranormal investigations, the team behind Chester's 'My Haunted Hotel' invited some of the UK’s most prominent skeptics for a nightlong investigation. This unique event was held at the 17th-century Ye Olde Kings Head on Lower Bridge Street, dubbed Britain's "most haunted hotel."

'My Haunted Hotel' is not an ordinary venture. It offers those daring enough the chance to search for supernatural activity in this iconic haunted building. The team, comprising of Harry Achilleos, Brett Jones, and Danny Moss, constantly monitor the guests' progress from a control room. Their experiences are captured on 16 night-vision CCTV cameras, with guests having the chance to appear in weekly YouTube episodes made up of ghost hunt highlights.

In the recent episode uploaded to YouTube, well-known debunkers Beardo and PSI Paranormal were given unrestricted access to the hotel. Danny expressed his frustration with the skepticism surrounding their project. Danny said, "with so many fake channels out there, skepticism is rife and legitimate channels are being tarred with the same brush."

Beardo, a YouTuber known for his debunking videos, began his investigation by examining a doll in room 5 known for inexplicably falling over. Later, he scrutinised the infamous Grace Doll in room 8, searching potential hidden mechanisms or speakers that skeptics have speculated might produce eerie voices attributed to the doll. "The Grace doll really, really piques my interest," Beardo shared. "I’ve seen Brett take the cover off and show there’s nothing in there, there’s no wiring, there's no hole going through for a wire."

You can watch what happened during Beardo and PSI Paranormal's night at Ye Olde Kings Head in the video below, and be sure to subscribe to 'My Haunted Hotel' for more great paranormal content.

As the hours passed, the debunkers became more and more invested in the investigation. Mark, an investigator from PSI Paranormal, believed he captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in room 2. In one of the most astonishing moments of the night, Mark's t-shirt appeared to be pulled by an unseen force, an occurrence captured from two different angles on camera. "I've never seen anything like that," he said after reviewing the footage. "My t-shirt was moved. It was moved."

Beardo, who initially came to disprove the ghostly claims, left with a different perspective. After his encounter with the Grace doll, he stated, "not only can I not debunk, I can't work out where the hell that noise came from." He added, "I came here to be honest, and honestly, my mind has been blown tonight."

A Win For ‘My Haunted Hotel’?

Danny Moss, a key member of the hotel’s investigative team, praised the skeptics for their thorough approach. "It's been an absolute pleasure working with these three tonight. They have been incredible, love the way they work, love the skepticism, love the thoroughness about it," he said.

While debates about the existence of the paranormal will likely continue, this bold move by 'My Haunted Hotel' has sparked fresh conversation in the field. The team is confident that this event showcases their integrity and the genuine, unexplained phenomena occurring at the hotel.

By opening its doors to skeptics and investigators alike, 'My Haunted Hotel' continues to invite the world to explore the mysteries of Britain’s most haunted hotel.

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