Grace The Cursed Doll Finds A New Home In Cheshire's Most Haunted Hotel

November 23, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Grace The Doll - Tatton Old Hall
A doll dubbed the most haunted in the UK will be the centre of a new haunted exhibit that will be housed within the Chester's Ye Olde Kings Head.

For the last four years Grace the doll has been kept along with a collection of other haunted objects at Tatton Old Hall under the watch of paranormal team, The Haunted Hunts. The team's founder, Danny Moss, has this week confirmed that Grace will be moving to Chester city centre.

The Old Hall near Knutsford has served as a base to the team for the last few years, but this month marked the end of an era as they pack up the haunted collection in favour of Ye Olde Kings Head where the items can be monitored 24/7.

The historic inn on Lower Bridge Street has recently risen to prominence within the paranormal world as the focus of the web series, 'My Haunted Hotel'. The series was devised by Danny along with Harry Achilleos and Brett Jones. Each weekly episode follows a different group of members of the public as they brave a night in one of the hotel's haunted rooms. The guests get one night to investigate the location, their experiences are are captured on 16 CCTV cameras placed around the haunted hotel.
Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

From January, Grace along with the rest of the haunted collection from Tatton Old Hall will move into Room 8 at Ye Olde Kings Head, but Danny warns investigators, "I must state clearly to anyone wishing to attend when Room 8 opens... this item is NOT here for entertainment purposes and there will be serious precautions put in place." The paranormal investigator added, "please respect that this is one of the biggest cases I've ever dealt with, it has had an affect on me and my team which we all take very seriously."

Grace is believed to be haunted as the result of an attachment of a 17th century witch from Nantclwyd Y Dre in Denbighshire, North Wales. Danny believes that the doll has such a strong spiritual attachment that for the last few years it has been kept in a glass box. Since becoming a part of the haunted collection, Grace has been blamed for several paranormal occurrences including unexplained knocks and bangs.

The doll has also spoken several times before through the spirit box, but it always seems to be in the same sinister voice wherever the team take the doll. In one famous exchange Grace told Danny that it wanted to burn his eyes out. The moment that Grace made the terrifying threat via a ghost hunting gadget was captured on video during an investigation. Danny is seen in the clip waving the cross in the doll's face as he asks "what is it you want?" A chilling voice is heard through the device which says "burn". Danny continues to interrogate the doll, asking "what do you want to burn?" Danny wasn't prepared for the words he heard next, which said "your eyes".
Danny Moss With Grace The Doll - Tatton Old Hall

Danny recently said, "in April 2018 I had my entire belief system changed when I witnessed a true attachment to an item. Over the last three years this item has become the most famously haunted object in the UK and my project with #TheHauntedHunts team at Tatton Old Hall has become huge news in the UK paranormal scene."

He continued, "three years on and this item remains my most disturbing case, a case that has affected many people deeply. I will make clear for the record that I, like so many others am not a believer in demonic manifestation and neither are any of The Haunted Hunts team. I, like so many others am not a fan of this 'demon' craze that's sweeping the paranormal world right now BUT, if you want to research this story, if you want to watch some of the most compelling evidence ever captured on camera then feel free to watch this episode. This is the closest thing to what can be described as 'demonic'."

Danny told fans, "this is a seriously dangerous object and whether you believe in attachments or not... I couldn't care less, this is as real as it gets. Witnessed by hundreds of people in person, documented on camera and very much a part of my life and my teams lives."

If you're brave enough, you can book a stay in the haunted hotel now. The exhibit including Grace open in Room 8 from January and will be accessible to any guests conducting overnight ghost hunts. You can find out more at

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