Phoebe & Kim's Night With The Doll - My Haunted Hotel

April 27, 2022 4:00 PM ‐ Paranormal

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My Haunted Hotel - Phoebe & Kim
'My Haunted Hotel' gives members of the public the chance to spend the night in Britain's most haunted hotel, each episode follows these brave investigators during their night.

As excitement grows around 'My Haunted Hotel', the latest group of guests experience the building's most active night since it opened.

Amongst those checking in to the hotel this week was Phoebe and Kim. The girls stayed in room six and were completely unaware that just two hours before their arrival, a creepy doll that sits on a chair in the room was caught moving on camera. Phoebe and Kim wasted no time in grabbing their ghost hunting gadgets and calling out to the spirits of Ye Olde Kings Head.

Meanwhile Jeannine and Lottie in room five were taking a more back-to-basics approach and quietly observing the room, but they were terrified when a doll suddenly fell from a shelf.

As always, the hotel's team consisting of Harry Achilleos, Brett Jones and Danny Moss were on hand to challenge the guests, which at one point in the night involved sending them each off on their own lone vigils.

In 2022 Ye Olde Kings Head was redesigned to create a unique paranormal experience, a project which gives guests the chance to experience the building's hauntings during a series of overnight investigations.

The inns team of paranormal investigators will challenge guests in order to test their bravery. 16 cameras placed across the whole building will monitor their progress. Their mission is to document as much paranormal activity as possible.

The footage collected over a week of investigations is put together to create a weekly episode of a new concept in paranormal reality shows, 'My Haunted Hotel'.

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