'My Haunted Hotel' Launches 'My Haunted Manor USA' & More In 2024

December 21, 2023 8:00 PM ‐ Paranormal
My Haunted HQ
Today, Danny Moss, Harry Achilleos, and Brett Jones have shared exciting news about the future of 'My Haunted Hotel'. They announced that the project is expanding in 2024, launching two new series under the new banner 'My Haunted HQ', which encompasses 'My Haunted Hotel' and the new 'My Haunted Manor USA'.

'My Haunted Hotel', established at the historically rich Ye Olde Kings Head in Chester, has been making headlines in the paranormal world since the project launched two years ago. Housed in a 17th-century building on Lower Bridge Street, it's known for its numerous ghost stories and has been investigated by some of the UK's top paranormal teams.

'My Haunted Hotel' offers an immersive ghost hunting experience, allowing guests to explore its haunted rooms and corridors. These supernatural stakeouts are captured on multiple night vision cameras, giving guests the chance to appear in weekly episodes made up of the highlights of the ghost hunts.

Danny, Harry, and Brett broke the news in a YouTube video, in which Harry shared, "Over the last two years, we've introduced the 'My Haunted' project to the world." Danny added, "The most unique project in the paranormal scene." They have documented over 1,000 eyewitness accounts and captured four apparitions on camera, from shadow figures to apparitions walking across the hotel corridors.

Brett revealed the expansion plans, "As of 2024, we are taking this project international, and from now on, we will be 'My Haunted HQ'."

'My Haunted HQ' will act as an umbrella for 'My Haunted Hotel' and the newly introduced 'My Haunted Manor USA' based in Pennsylvania. The original team will oversee investigations in both the UK and the USA. However, the American counterpart will feature a new team led by Daryl Marston, known from 'Ghost Hunters', along with Jeff and Trey Bader.

Daryl said, "You know me from 'Ghost Hunters' but now I'm with a new show, 'My Haunted Manor'." Jeff expressed his anticipation, "I'm super excited to bring all of our cameras in here, set them up, monitor this place 24/7. We're ready to capture something on video."

Trey shared his enthusiasm, adding, "I'm excited to bring people in here and offer them that same immersive experience as 'My Haunted Hotel.'"

Danny told followers, "As of 2024, right here on the 'My Haunted HQ' YouTube channel, you'll be getting access to three different shows." These include the ongoing 'My Haunted Hotel', and the new 'My Haunted Manor USA' and 'My Haunted HQ' series. 'My Haunted HQ' will see Danny, Harry, and Brett also bring the same 24/7 surveillance and on-going investigation style to more haunted locations across the UK.

Harry said, "'My Haunted Hotel' has been a dream of mine for 10 years, but now it's time to expand." This expansion represents a continuation and evolution of their original vision, bringing their unique style of paranormal investigation to a wider audience.

With the integration of new locations and team members, 'My Haunted HQ' aims to further document and explore paranormal phenomena, offering viewers an in-depth and varied experience in the realm of ghost hunting. Danny ends the announcement video by summing up the team's aspirations, "Welcome to the future of paranormal investigation."

All three series will be free to watch on the 'My Haunted HQ' YouTube channel, the team's premium subscription channel on VHX will continue to feature exclusive content from the shows, and now gives subscribed exclusive access to live camera feeds from the hotel.

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