Britain's Most Haunted Hotel Opens Its Doors To Ghost Hunters

March 26, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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My Haunted Hotel is the ultimate overnight ghost hunt that challenges you to spend the night in Britain's most haunted hotel, while giving you the chance to star in your own paranormal adventure.

My Haunted Hotel
A historic paranormal hotspot in Chester dubbed Britain's "most haunted hotel" is opening up its doors and giving ghost hunters the chance to spend a night and star in their own overnight paranormal investigation.

There's no shortage of ghost stories related to the 17th century Ye Olde Kings Head on Lower Bridge Street, it's been investigated by some of the UK's best-known paranormal teams and television shows, but are you brave enough to stay overnight in the most haunted hotel in the country?

My Haunted Hotel is now giving those daring enough the chance to search for spooks in the iconic haunted building on the ultimate overnight ghost hunting adventure. The nightlong supernatural stakeout will be captured on multiple cameras, giving guests the chance to appear in weekly episodes made up of the highlights of the ghost hunts.

Tickets for the sleepover, which promises to be your worst night's sleep ever, go on sale this Saturday with nightlong events being held at the historic inn on Monday to Thursday nights.

Guests will have the chance to learn from the professionals and get their hands on some high-tech paranormal gadgets. Television ghost hunter and lead investigator of 'The Haunted Hunts', Danny Moss, will be on-hand to guide hotel guests through the basics of ghost hunting.

Danny has famously investigated Ye Olde Kings Head on several occasions, and has witness some of the most severe poltergeist activity ever seen in his career there. He most recently visited the hotel as part of the Sky Pick series, 'Paranormal: Captured', when he had a dramatic and disturbing confrontation with what he believes may be the ghost of a lady of the night.

The My Haunted Hotel events are designed to give guests the chance to explore the location's paranormal activity for themselves. Attendees are encouraged to venture out into the hotel's haunted rooms and corridors in search of spooks on their own, with free-run of the hotel all night long and an array of ghost hunting equipment to try out.

Danny and fellow ghost hunter, Brett Jones, will watch over the guests via night vision cameras placed around the building, and from their tech hub will offer the guests instructions and set various paranormal experiments for them to conduct, plus terrifying tasks and challenges.

16 static cameras recording live will ensure that no bit of paranormal activity goes unnoticed, and all the best bits of evidence obtained will go into the weekly highlights shows, making Ye Olde Kings Head's fearless guests the stars of their own paranormal show.

My Haunted Hotel opens in April with tickets on sale from Saturday, March 26. You can find out more at

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