Most Haunted At Hill House, Part Two - Series 18, Episode 7 Review

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Most Haunted At Hill House

Yvette Field and the Most Haunted team embark on the second part of their investigation of Hill House in Sandbach. A large house that was once a family home before becoming an old people's home. It is now vacant, but reputedly haunted by the ghosts of former residents.

The paranormal activity here ranges from strange sounds like cries and whispers, to icy blasts of cold air, doors slamming on their own, and the elaborate light fittings throughout the house swinging on their own.

With rumours of suicides, it's no wonder that this house has its fairly share of ghost stories.

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The Story So Far

Glen Hunt At Hill House Most Haunted

In the first part of the investigation the team witnessed plenty of strange goings on. 

Even before the lights went out camera man Gregg Smith was stood halfway up the stairs and he saw a shadow going across the bottom of the stairs, despite the fact that Karl Beattie said "everyone is accounted for."

Later, the show's skeptic Glen Hunt has a similar experience, he suddenly looked very concerned and said, "Gregg, you're here, I just realised. Before we came through that door, I actually saw someone go into that room, I just assumed it was you but I actually saw a physical person."

Eamonn Van-Harris also caught plenty of strange sounds on his laptop while on the hunt for EVPs.

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The Drama Continues...

Most Haunted At Hill House

The episode starts where we left off last time with Yvette in the
Not much happening In the attic - Yvette, Gregg, Glen, and Eamonn. Apart from Yvette reporting that she was feeling dizzy, they found the area void of activity. So decided to go elsewhere, as they passed the chandelier on the way downstairs, they found it rocking slowly once again.

There was more action for the guys on the first floor. When we left them last time we saw Fred Batt and Darren Hutchinson jump out of their skin due to a loud bang. They were up stairs with Karl and Stuart Torevell manning the camera. They concluded it was a slamming door but couldn't determine which one it was as the sound had happened in the dark.

Darren then said he heard what he could only describe as being like a snake hissing, he said the sound was right on his shoulder, as if someone was making the sound directly in his ear.

But sounds were the least of their worries. In the first half of the investigation Karl has set up four snooker balls on the floor in one of the rooms. After hearing a bang, the found one of the balls had gone, they eventually found it in the hall.

Karl rolled the four balls down a hallway to allow the spirits to move them again if they wished. Moments later there was another bang, Fred was convinced that something had fallen directly in front of him, but there was nothing there. They checked and the balls Karl had rolled away were still in their place.

Stuart seemed to think it was a ball despite them being all accounted for, he called out "can you please be a bit more accurate with your aim and hit me or Karl with the ball, don't just drop it, throw it." Moments later Karl cried out in pain. Stuart was first there, he shouted "a snooker ball has just hit Karl in the head."

Stuart went to count the balls, leaving Karl holding his head in agony, he shouted back confirming that there were three balls, before saying, "I literally saw a ball hit Karl in the head."

In The Kitchen

Most Haunted At Hill House

The team regrouped in the kitchen to perform a ouija board session which was led by Fred, he was trying to communicate with someone called Jake, "why have you been coming through to us for the last couple of years?" The glass started speeding around the board and spelt out the name "Richard."

Something then seemed hit Stuart and Karl on the back of the head, despite their suffering, Fred reminds the team that this is what they want. But Gregg says, "is this what you want, Karl? Everything has been targeting you tonight. You got pushed up stairs in the hallway, you've been hit by a snooker ball, you and Stuart have both just been smacked around the back of the head."

Karl says, "to be honest, you guys can carry on with this but I'm not going to the ouija board. I might later on, but I'm not going to do anymore now." So, Karl and Stuart left to go off on their own, leaving Yvette and the gang to continue on their own, but things slowed down without Karl and Stuart, the concluded that the spirits had followed them.
Most Haunted At Hill House

Karl and Stuart might have wished they stayed in the safety of the kitchen as things escalated pretty quickly for them. They'd both gone off on their own, armed with just a camera. Karl experienced a few minor knocks and bangs to start with, but things were much more terrifying for Stuart.

While in a room on his own, Stuart heard a bang coming from the other side of what he thought was a cupboard door, but when he opened the door he was surprised to find a staircase. He followed the stairs up into the darkness and found himself in another attic area.

He then heard more banging coming from a room in this area, he opened the door and went in to find it empty, but seconds later panic set in when the door slammed closed behind him. Stuart started hyperventilating and coughing, telling himself "calm down, Stuart, calm down."

Standing in the darkened brick room he said, "you're stupid, what did you come in here for?" Which is exactly what I was thinking, ghosts or not, going up a hidden staircase on your own in the dark isn't the brightest thing to do.

His breathing got worse and he really started to panic, when he realised that wasn't a handle on the inside of door. He started banging on the door and shouting, "hello, can someone help!" But the door was jammed shut, "open the door please. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disrespect you."
Most Haunted At Hill House

Stuart then tried phoning Karl but only got through to his voicemail, Karl was unable to take the call as he was going through a scary moment of his own. While walking along on of the corridors on the first floor he experienced several loud bang, so violent that they were echoing around him.

Karl ran back to the other, which is when he finally picked up Stuart's message for help and the team head out in search of their trapped team mate. With Stuart on the phone they tried to track him down, but in his panicked state, Stuart couldn't remember how he'd found his way into this room.

They eventually found the hidden staircase but when Karl got to the door Stuart was behind he found it locked from the outside. The key was in a box next to the door. Glen said "the rational explanation is somebody shut that behind you and locked it, took the key out and put it in there, but we've all been accounted for."

As they headed back down with Stuart safe, they found the chandelier swinging again.
Most Haunted At Hill House

The team stuck together for one last walk around the building, they went to the area where Karl had heard the loud banging noises before. Several of the team were hearing a low moaning sound and they all reported feeling a vibration under their feet coming from the floor.

They heard a door slam in the distance, a worried Stuart said "it's happening isn't it, it's building up again now."

Karl then panicked when he saw what he said looked like a "proper solid person" walking past a door, he added "we've come to this place to investigate the alleged haunted activity. We investigated, I would say it's haunted, but I'd like to go home now."

Yvette agreed, "I would definitely say that this how is haunted. I think it's probably up there with one of the best."

There was one last scare for the team when one of Karl's snooker balls was thrown, hitting a door with quite some force. The signalled the end of the investigation.
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