Most Haunted At HMP Shrewsbury Prison, Back Rooms - Series 19, Episode 9 Review

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This is the second in a mammoth three-part investigation of the disused HMP prison in Shrewsbury, having already been terrified in the first part of the investigation, this time the team's EVP experiment gives up a name, something seems to be stalking Karl, and Glen hears strange noises.

HMP Shrewsbury Prison

Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted continue their investigation of the disused prison in Shrewsbury, a building which dates back to 1877 and had seen its fair share of deaths.

This is the second part of a mammoth three-part investigation, which is already shaping up to be pretty dramatic. The first part ended with one of the team members, Karl Beattie mysteriously collapsing on the hard stone floor of the very active A-wing.

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The Story Continues...

HMP Shrewsbury Prison Most Haunted

In the second part of this investigation, the team stake out the prison's labyrinth of back rooms and seemingly never ending corridors. These rooms were once the location of the padded cells, mortuary, condemned cells and even the execution room.

And just about every room and corridor has its own tales of paranormal activity. The hanging room was used until 1961, and was then converted into a group session room. This is said to be a very active area, possibly due to its location next to the condemned cell and with the mortuary is underneath it.

While doing an initial walk around a toilet door slammed closed in what once was the condemned man's cell.

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Trigger Objects

HMP Shrewsbury Prison Trigger Objects

Karl has placed a couple of trigger object in the execution room. He explains that one object is the bust of a head created from the face of a man who was hanged. Karl says that before finger prints or photographs were widely used, making a death mask like this was the only way of having a record of who they'd hanged and what they looked like.

Karl eerily explains how the mask would have been the last thing to touch his face before he was buried and the first thing to touch his face after he was hanged. As the masks were made straight after the hanging, you can see the rope marks on the neck of the bust.

In a small box in front of the bust, Karl placed a small trinket that was very personal to this person.

The two objects were placed on the floor above the former drop in the execution room. Karl had drawn around the object so they could see if there was any movement, and places two locked off cameras to capture it.

Yvette asked, "was he hanged here?" To which Karl replied, "no, he wasn't hanged here," but Karl was still hopeful for some activity due to the fact "we're over a drop and it is a very emotive place."

The show's resident skeptic Glen Hunt is a little more rational about the emotive feelings in this foreboding room, "it's horrible to think about the people that were hanged in this very room. I mean, it's difficult to get away from it, there are notices all around the room. We've got the replica noose. But you can't ignore it and that's what makes it all the more daunting to be in a room like this. It put your mind into overdrive."

Yvette wants to narrow down the type and cause of hauntings at the prison, "what about the energy that's left here that we consider to be a haunting? Is it a haunting or is it energy? And what kind of energy is it?"

After this introduction to the experiment we see some video from the locked off cameras from earlier in the day. The box was seen to move quite a lot, but very slowly over a long period. The footage was sped up 100 times to show the movement.

Split Up

Karl Beattie At HMP Shrewsbury Prison

Once the lights went out, the team split up. Glen went to the ground level rooms with demonologist Fred Batt, camera man Gregg Smith and sound man Darren Hutchinson. Glen reported feeling cold and they heard a few bangs, but generally this area proved to be fairly quiet for the team.

Meanwhile, Karl was having a more exciting time in the corridors. He said, "this place has already given me a few frights but I came on my own because I think I needed to really." He then heard tapping sounds, followed by footsteps walking to wards him. He then heard the loud slam of a door, followed by my loud banging.

Karl then asked any spirits in the area to copy his whistling, and he did seem to get a response but he didn't want to go an investigate the source of the sound. He said, "I should run down there, but I'm a bit chicken to be fair."

Karl asked out for a whistle again and got a really loud one in return, almost as loud as his own whistle. Then Karl noticed a light seemed to have switched itself on.

"We're going to leave you now," Karl said before turning is camera off, but seconds later he was back having switched his camera back on as he heard movement in the distance and went to investigate. Once again, Karl heard a really loud bang, making him jump, "what the hell?!?" He wasn't sure where it came from and was unable to pin it down.

Karl then headed back to the others, saying "I'm not going to stay here any more. I think it was something pretending to be nice to lure me in, cuz as soon as I started to trust it, it started to go nuts."

The Execution Room

Yvette Fielding & Eamonn Van-Harris At HMP Shrewsbury Prison

Yvette headed to the execution room with Eamonn Van-Harris and Stuart Torevell where a surprise was awaiting their arrival. Once again the trigger object had moved, it seemed the box containing the trinket had slid across the paper it was places on.

Yvette and Eamonn conducted an EVP experiment in hope of capturing spirit voice in a digital audio recording on a laptop. Yvette called out to the spirits of the execution room, then they played back the recording to check for responses.

Yvette started by asking the spirit its name, they seem to get the response "Robert Williams," followed by the word "listen." Yvette started questioning again, "is your name Robert Williams?" The eery voice said "Wilson."

Text appeared on screening stating that "there are no records of a Robert Williams. However Robert Wilson was an Assistant Executioner between 1920 and 1936 who assisted in the execution of 38 people in England and Wales."

The team also captured the phrases "rescue me" and "please help" in their audio recordings.
Karl Beattie At HMP Shrewsbury Prison

The team then regrouped for the last vigil of the night, however this fell silent other than the sound of Fred's rumbling stomach. So, they called it a night but once again, Karl was having more luck wandering the prison on his own.

He was in the condemned man's cell where he walked through the route the condemned would have taken on to the execution room before their hanging. Towards the end of his tour, he said "at that point the cap would be put over his head..." but was interrupted by a loud bang which sounded like a door slamming. Moments later a light in an adjoining room came on seemingly on its own.

Karl says no one could have come in to the are and done this as he would have heard the door. He then heard distinct sounds like footsteps or something banging against bars. And that was enough for Karl, "this is freaky as anything, I'm scared and I don't like it."

This marked the end of Karl's vigil and the second part of the Most Haunted team's investigation of HMP Shrewsbury, but there's still one more terrifying night to come.

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