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Help! My House Is Haunted: Nightmare In Neath
Photo: © Discovery+
2022 has been a big year for paranormal entertainment on television, with more episodes than ever of 'Help! My House Is Haunted', including the celebrity spin-off, plus the Netflix series '28 Days Haunted' that dominated Halloween.

But what do the next 12 months hold for fans of the paranormal? Below you can find out what series have been announced for 2023 so far. This list includes details of new and returning ghost hunting television shows from the UK and USA.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits 2023
Photo: © Discovery+

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and psychic medium Chip Coffey return to the US Travel Channel and Discovery+ with 10 new hour-long episodes of 'Kindred Spirits' in 2023. The new season premieres on Friday, January 20 and see the intrepid investigators help people who are tormented by the dead by settling spirit activity, capturing evidence and bringing closure to each location they visit.

Utilizing several tools to communicate with spirits, Bruni, Berry and Coffey will discover shocking stories by visiting some of America’s most haunted homes and historic sites. During their emotional and terrifying investigations, this all-star paranormal team captures evidence, settles spirit activity and brings closure to each location they visit.

Expedition Entity

'Expedition Entity' welcomes guest paranormal investigator Jenny Davis, and new cast member Jen Gill, in the season three premiere at Brodhead Manor, dubbed "the old middle school" in Wisconsin. The season three premiere 'Brodhead Manor' streams from January 13, 2023 only on PARAFlixx paranormal+, an on-demand video streaming platform that aims to be the Netflix of the paranormal world. For more information, visit the PARAFlixx paranormal+ website at

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Help! My House Is Haunted

Help! My House Is Haunted: Dead In The Water
Photo: © Discovery+

Series four of 'Help! My House Is Haunted' premiered on the streaming service Discovery+ towards the end of 2022, but it will make its television debut in 2023. The 15 episodes follow paranormal investigator Barri Ghai, paranormal researcher and historian Jayne Harris, and exorcist and medium Ian Lawman as they tackle hauntings in ordinary homes across the UK. The new series will air on Friday nights from January 6 on the freeview channel, Really.

Michigan Hell House

Michigan Hell House
Photo: © Discovery+

The all-new 'Shock Docs: Michigan Hell House' premiers on February 19, on the Travel Channel and Discovery+ in the United States. Paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and psychic medium Cindy Kaza attempt to identify the evil that rocked a family and their home. Steve Shippy broke the case seven years ago after more than 40 years of silence. What he found was a living nightmare that rivals horror films like 'The Amityville Horror' and 'Poltergeist,' but this house of hell is 100% real and just as terrifying.

The story takes place in a farmhouse in the tiny village of Merrill, Michigan. From the summer of 1974 to the spring of 1975, the Pomeraning family endured relentless, bizarre and violent paranormal phenomena. There were knocking, explosions, disembodied voices, even spontaneous combustion that ripped apart the home and the family living inside of it.

With dozens of hours of real-time audio recordings, hundreds of police reports and dozens of eyewitnesses, this case is arguably the most well-documented paranormal case in history. Yet to this day, no one knows why this family was ravaged by an unseen, evil force. Was it a poltergeist? Demonic possession? Witchcraft? Now Shippy, along with world-renowned psychic medium Cindy Kaza, armed with new evidence, will finally uncover the source of the evil that terrorized the Michigan Hell House.

The Devil's Academy

The Devil's Academy
Photo: © Discovery+

'The Devil's Academy,' premiering on Sunday, February 26 on Travel Channel and Discovery+ in the United States, reveals the shocking haunting that took over Miami Aerospace Academy and its students. Beginning on January 1, "Shock Docs Sundays" will be the destination for real and chilling stories of the paranormal and unexplained.

On October 25, 1979, all hell broke loose at the Miami Aerospace Academy (MAA) when the school’s student body seemed to fall victim to a mass demonic possession. Terrifying reports of what occurred at the high school spread like wildfire: one girl claimed the devil was inside her and was seen levitating, a boy seemed to display superhuman strength and a full-on riot broke out as students ripped doors off of hinges and smashed windows. Forty years later, former MAA students, as well as law enforcement, psychologists, paranormal investigators and demonologists, come together to explain what happened that fateful day the devil took over the school.

Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted

Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted Series 2
Photo: © Discovery+

Skin-crawling screams and bumps in the night are only the start of the paranormal problems being suffered by the nation's most famous faces. Returning for a second celebrity outing of 'Help! My House is Haunted', the ghost-busting super squad are back to oust the supernatural spirits running riot in the fabulous homes of the country’s favourite stars. The series will premiere on Discovery+ in February 2023 and see the team visit the homes of Jake Quickenden, Louie Spence, Simon Gregson, Lady C, Marnie Simpson and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Haunted Hunts

The Haunted Hunts: Cemeteries Of The Dead - 'Samlesbury Hall'

'The Haunted Hunts' is set to return with a new season on Amazon Prime in 2023, as Danny Moss leads his team on a series of investigations that promise to be some of the most robust and balanced ever seen in a paranormal reality show. There's not yet a date for the premiere of the new series, but we know the new episodes will follow Danny, along with Becki Salisbury-Moss and Emma Dawe, plus new team members Alice Grindley and Nick Anderson.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 4 - Chapter Eight
Photo: © Netflix

'Stranger Things' was the most watched Netflix series of 2022, but we've known for a while that season four wouldn't be the end of hit supernatural series. The fifth season isn't yet in production and Netflix haven't announced a date, but there is an outside chance that the series could premiere in late 2023, although it's more likely that we will see the show return in 2024.

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