Yvette Fielding On the Existence Of Ghosts On ITV's 'Loose Women'

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'Most Haunted' presenter Yvette Fielding has been trying to convince ITV's 'Loose Women' that the afterlife and ghosts really do exist as well as telling them about some of the evidence her team have captured.

Yvette Fielding, the host of the long-running ghost hunting television show, 'Most Haunted', joined the 'Loose Women' ladies on ITV to discuss life after death and things that go bump in the night.

Ruth Langsford quizzed the paranormal reality star about her belief in the supernatural, joined by a stunned Stacey Solomon, a very skeptical Janet Street-Porter and an unusually quiet Saira Khan.

Although Yvette was skeptical when she first started the show with her husband Karl Beattie, she is now a firm believer. Yvette told viewers, "my personal belief is that there is life after death and that I have had experiences with it and the people that I work with have seen something supernatural, something they cannot explain."

Yvette told the women that, despite hosting the show for over 17 years, she does get scared by the paranormal, especially by things that "mark you and hurt you". Leaving Stacy to question why anyone would do that, "where are all the nice ghosts?" But Yvette assured her there are "plenty of nice ghosts".

Janet proved to be a little harder to convince, telling Yvette "I believe in the afterlife, I just don't believe it's hanging out in the bottom of my chimney and chucking knives at me. I don't think the afterlife takes the form of ghosts."

Stacey couldn't resist jumping in with another burning question, "why don't we see like dinosaurs or neanderthals? Why don't we ever see other things that die?" Stacy then got to the point of her question, "I wanna see a t-rex, if I'm honest."

Yvette said to the inquisitive Stacey, "there are reports of some really strange sightings that people cannot explain and if you think about it, if a normal person says 'I've seen a ghost of a t-rex', he's gonna be laughed at. No one's going to believe him."

Yvette also told the panel about the voices her and her team have captured during their investigations. These voices caught on digital recording devices are known by paranormal investigators as EVPs, or electronic voice phenomenon.

She told the women how when reviewing the recordings capture during their investigations, they've heard voices which give a clear response to their questions, often a name. Yvette added, "we've gone to the historians and we've had that name actually verified to say that this person actually did live here."

Ruth, then taking a more skeptical stance asked Yvette, "I think there will be people that say - sometimes do you just hear and see what you want to hear and see?" Yvette agreed that there can be an element of this during a paranormal investigation, but gave the example of a sighting of a ghost at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane when the whole cast of 'My Fair Lady' saw a ghost at exactly the same time while posing for a group photo. Yvette said, "they're having a photograph taken, they look out and there's the famous 'man in grey' walking right across. They all saw that."

Yvette then spoke about a phenomenon which she thinks might be responsible for a ghostly apparition they caught on camera during a 2017 episode of the show at Wentworth Woodhouse near Rotherham. She explained to the panel how the materials that buildings are made of are able to capture events and replay them as ghostly reflections of the past when atmospheric conditions are similar.

Yvette also talked about her first children's book, 'Archie the Ghost Hunter and the Rising' which is released on September 5th and is available to pre-order now.

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