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October 28, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ GamesTelevisionStranger Things

Have you made it through all nine episodes of the latest season of 'Stranger Things' yet? If so, how much can you remember about the new season? Test your knowledge with this tricky #StrangerThings2 trivia quiz.

Stranger Things Arcade Game

1. What was the game we first see the gang playing in the arcade?

2. What colour was the pumpkin Bob saw on the way out of the stock room at Joyce's store?

D'Artagnan In Stranger Things

3. What inspires the name that Dustin gives to the creature he finds?

4. What animal did Eleven kill in the wood for food?

Kali In Stranger Things

5. What number did Eleven's sister have tattooed on her arm?

6. What did Max dress as for halloween?

The Snow Ball Stranger Things 2

7. Who does Dustin dance with at the Snow Ball?

8. What did Kali make her knife-wielding friend see that made him dance?

Will's Map Stranger Things 2

9. What did Bob suggest might be at the 'x' on Will's map?

10. Who replaced Dr. Brenner as head of Hawkins Lab?

Dustin Stranger Things

11. Which Ghostbuster did Will come to school dressed as?

12. Who said "nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world?"

Demodog In Stranger Things 2

13. What name does Dustin give to the creatures that D'Art grew into?

14. What was painted outside the room Eleven was kept in as a baby?

Eleven Moves A Train In Stranger Things Season 2

15. What large object did Kali encourage Eleven to move with her powers?

16. What does Max use to stop Billy from attacking Steve?

Erica In Stranger Things

17. When Lucas' sister Erica intercepts Dustin's "Code Red" call, what code does she fire back at him?

18. What arcade game does Max knock Dustin off the top of the high scores table on?

The Gate Strange Things 2

19. What happened to Eleven when she used her powers to their fullest to close the gate?

20. What did Eleven dress as for Halloween?

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