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Steve Gonsalves - The House In Between
Looking for a factual programme that tries to answer questions about the possibility of an afterlife or explore a haunting or paranormal topic in depth? Then the supernatural documentaries below might be for you.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 And Flying Saucers

After 30 years mostly out of the limelight, Bob Lazar, the famed Area 51 whistleblower, has stepped in front of the camera in a new documentary. Jeremy Corbell's 2018 film is less about delving deeper into Lazar's outlandish claims of back-engineering extraterrestrial alien propulsion systems in a secret base in Nevada, and instead attempts to examine how the last three decades of Bob's life have changed as a result of his revelations.

Borley Rectory

The animated documentary is a must-see for any fan of ghost stories. Created by Ashley Thorpe, 'Borley Rectory' stars Reece Shearsmith as Vernon Wall, a journalist from The Mirror who was the first interested party to visit the haunted rectory in 1929. His article dated June 10th brought a great deal of attention to the house in Essex, and eventually led to the arrival of Harry Price (Jonathan Rigby) who investigated the property's paranormal claims for more than a year. It was Price who labeled Borley as "the most haunted house in England."

Demon House

'Ghost Adventures' star Zak Bagans investigates a case of demon possession in his 2018 feature-length documentary horror. 'Demon House' is written and directed by Zak and is based around the story of the Ammons haunting, a case that made international news back in 2011. When the Ammons' story broke, Zak immediately purchased the haunted house and over the next three years he lead a team of paranormal investigators to try to validate the claims of the paranormal activity.

Demons In Seattle Uncovered

After 'Ghost Adventures' investigated one of America's most controversial haunting, the Bothell case, they concluded Keith Linder's home was not haunted, as a result Keith endured negative feedback from the public and paranormal community. Looking for a second opinion, he sought help from UK to substantiate his claims. Steve Mera received the call and pulled in Don Philips to travel to Seattle and undertake the case investigation. What followed turned the tides for Keith, good evidence was secured, this fascinating documentary is a straight, honest account of the haunting of the Bothel House filmed on location .

Dybbuk Box - The Story of Chris Chambers

In his 2019 documentary horror film, Chris Chambers gets hold of a possessed demon boxes from the dark web to test their validity himself. The 34-year-old from Texas got more than he bargained for and the outcome was near fatal. The film is made up of footage which is said to have been released by Chris' parents and shows the filmmaker's attempts to document the opening of a dybbuk box he bought online. The paranormal activity he experiences becomes increasing violent, until it reaches a point where Chris is forced to leave his home. Many have questioned the film's validity, and it's true that it won't convince anyone that dybbuk boxes are real, but it is well produced in the style of a YouTube video with Chris talking directly to the camera, the viewer is drawn into the story, making the paranormal activity feel all the more unsettling.

Ghosts In Ghost Towns: Haunting The Wild West

A 2018 documentary that takes us across America's Old West on a paranormal adventure through deteriorating ghost towns filled with stories of ghostly hauntings dating back to the days of the country's mining boom during the gold rush. The documentary is beautifully shot film has a good amount of historical information, retold through re-creations featuring actors in period clothing at the eerie remains of forgotten towns, and features interviews with experts on the Wild West.

Hail Satan?

The deadpan documentary directed by Penny Lane aims to challenge people's preconceptions of Satanism. 'Hail Satan?'. The film follows the Satanic Temple, a group which started six years ago, as they embark on a of well-orchestrated public events designed to make a stand against religious freedom and equality. The Temple is one of the most controversial religious movements in US history.


Planet Weird's documentary series, now in its second season, follows husband and wife paranormal investigators Greg and Dana Newkirk as they team up with filmmaker Karl Pfeiffer and try to get to the bottom of reports of goblin-like creatures in Kentucky but are lead from one significant piece of information to another through a series of weird synchronicities that are thrusted meaningfully into their world.

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The House In Between

If you're expecting just another ghost hunting film, then think again. Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton's 'The House In Between' is the must-see paranormal documentary of 2020 that will leave even the most skeptical viewer scratching their head. The film tells the story of a ten-year investigation which resulted in a string of fascinating activity caught on camera. Eventually the home's owner got in touch with Steve Gonsalves. She hoped that with nearly 20 years of experience in the paranormal field, if anyone can get to the bottom of the weird goings on, he can. Steve is best known for his appearances in 'Ghost Hunters' and 'Ghost Nation', and co-directs 'The House In Between' with Kendall Whelpton, who also worked on 'Ghost Hunters' as a cinematographer.

In Search Of The Dead

'In Search Of The Dead' follows Laura Rowton, a 24-year-old open-minded sceptic who runs the online paranormal research project, 'The Paranormal Scholar'. The self-funded documentary charts her two-year journey to discover whether there really could be life after death. The documentary is produced to a very high standard. It is a fascinating watch and a truly interesting and balanced insight into some of the most common beliefs within the paranormal field. A must-see for any paranormal investigator.

The ParaPod Movie

Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds might be comedians, but their podcast-turned-movie serves as a serious exploration of one man's belief in the paranormal, with a few laughs along the way. Paranormal believer Barry Dodds travels the UK with harsh skeptic Ian Boldsworth as he attempts to convince him once and for all that ghosts exist. The movie is set to resume its nationwide tour of selected cinemas later in 2020.

Sir Noface

The 2018 documentary, which is just shy of two hours long, revolves around the spooky goings on at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, and follows American paranormal researcher and award-winning filmmaker, Chad Calek, on his journey to validate a piece of video evidence captured by the West Sydney Paranormal Research team at the location, a clip of a spirit dubbed "Sir Noface".


'Unacknowledged' is a 2017 documentary that attempts to answers the question "are we alone in the universe?" and offers evidence to prove we are not. The film is based on the work of ufologist Steven M. Greer's Disclosure Project files and is billed as "an exposè of the greatest secret in human history." In the 1 hour, 44 minute film, Greer and his assembled team of witnesses reveal how the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial contact has been kept from the public since since the 1950s.

Who Put Bella In The Wych-Elm?

It's not strictly a paranormal documentary, but in the 2017 film British paranormal investigator Jayne Harris investigates one of the UK's weirdest murder mysteries. The documentary explores Nazi espionage, witchcraft and the supernatural in an attempt to finally piece together a sinister age-old jigsaw puzzle. With access to declassified MI5 files and locals breaking their 75 year silence can Jayne finally put this enduring mystery to rest?

Behind The Curve

It's not a paranormal documentary as such, but the film does question people's belief in an unusual topic and is well worth a watch. 'Behind The Curve' offers a very telling insight into the world of the flat earthers. Frustrated with what they see as mainstream scientific dogma, they decide to prove, once and for all, at a flat earth conference, that the earth is flat, using their on scientific experiments.

Afterlife [Coming Soon]

Jayne Harris has spent the last 20 years of her life working as a paranormal investigator in search of answers to those ultimate questions like "what happens when we die?" In that time she's come to understand that deep within most of us there is a desire to believe that physical death is not the end. This is an independent, factual and investigative documentary is due for release in the autumn of 2020.

For The Love Of Ghosts [Coming Soon]

Sandy Lakdar, the French ghost hunter who shot to fame in the UK after her appearance in the first series of 'Help! My House Is Haunted' is set to release her new paranormal documentary in the autumn of 2020. 'For the Love of Ghosts' is directed by Sandy and Jonathan Dallier and follows Sandy as she returns to the UK to try to get to the bottom of the country's obsession for the paranormal.

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