Most Haunted At Haden Hill House, Part Two - Series 21, Episode 4 Review

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Haden Hill House Most Haunted

In the first half of this two part investigation, the team already encounter more than their fair share of paranormal activity. As soon as they set off into the Tudor manor house in the outskirts of Birmingham, Yvette was hit in the leg by a pestle which was thrown at her in a stair well.

The activity continued with a pot being thrown in a creepy basement which was hidden in a trapdoor beneath the house. The house is said to be haunted by a monk who fell in love with a young woman who lived nearby and was captured by her parents and entombed in the secret passage that couple had used to meet each other.

While upstairs in the house, which was built in 1878 by the Haden family, camera man Darren Hutchinson collapsed. He said, "I don't know how to describe it, I just feel really really odd". Later a metal plate was thrown and then, creepiest of all, a piano was caught being played by an invisible force on camera.

So far, Yvette and the team have managed to make contact with one spirit who spelt out his name on a spirit board, Edmond. The spirit told the investigators that he was murdered in the house in 1273.

We left the team at the end of the previous episode as they headed off in different directions. Yvette had gone upstairs with the show's skeptic, Glen Hunt and camera man Gregg Smith. Karl Beattie was exploring the ground floor alone. And, an already shaken Darren went down to the cellar with demonologist, Fred Batt.

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Piano Playing Itself

The Drama Continues

The action kicked off tonight with Yvette, Glen and Gregg in an upstairs room, looking out on to the landing. In the darkness the three of them were sure they could see a greyish figure at the top of the stairs, but an incomplete figure as if it were in the process of manifesting.

Glen described the phenomenon, "it was like something was trying to transition in and out of phase". Yvette asked what he though he could be, and Glen replied, "well, it could be paranormal".

Sadly, nothing was visible on camera, were the team picking up on a psychic energy which can't be capture on film?

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Ghost Manifesting On Most Haunted

Then moments later, a crash was heard on the landing, Yvette and Glen ran out to investigate and found a ornamental vase had be thrown and smashed at the top of the stairs. The crash was so loud that the whole team, even though they were spread out across the whole house, reacted simultaneously.

Down The Trapdoor

Darren Hutchinson & Fred Batt

Down in the basement, hidden beneath the trapdoor, Darren wasn't having a good time. He was already pretty spooked after coming over weak and collapsing in the first part of the investigation, and now, his worse fear... he was stuck in the dark with Fred.

Having heard three loud noises in the dark stone tunnels beneath the house, even though they were on their own down there, Fred started doing what he does best, chanting incantations, "in the name of Satan, open the gates of hell and come forward".

Darren was not happy, clearly angry he shouted at Fred, "really?! really Fred? This is a good idea?", just as another sound was heard from the darkness. "I genuinely don't know why people keep putting me with you. I feel freaked out, massively freaked out, Fred", Darren protested.

"Fred, stop it now cuz it's coming for us!"
Chair Moving On Most Haunted

Meanwhile, Karl was still wandering the ground floor alone, after hearing some footsteps and knocks he tried to find their source and moved the camera around an old fireplace with an old wooden chair next to it. He panned the camera to his right, as it hovered over a solid bench, and the chair moved of its own accord out of shot.

Karl felt the need to explain what he'd seen to the camera, "there was something moving in the corner and I panned the camera and that chair has moved 90 degrees, at least".

When Karl spun the camera back round to the chair, it was clear to see that it had turned around to face the fireplace.
Seance At Haden Hill House

The team then regrouped to take part in a seance, but after hearing strange noises from outside the room, Karl and Gregg went off to investigate, leaving Yvette, Glen and Fred to try to make contact with the spirits, while Darren manned the camera. The seance proved to be a bit of an anti-climax, apart from capturing a classic ghostly "wooooo" on tape.

The team decided to go out on to the landing where most of the throwing action had happened so far that night, at this point Karl and Gregg were wandering about on the floor above them and just as Karl was walking into a room, something was thrown into the stairwell behind him, giving the rest of the team below a fright. On inspection it turned out to be two pieces of pottery which Karl and Gregg had just seen on a shelf in an upstairs room.

Then something freaky happened, Darren seemed to let out a growl. The team were sure it came from Darren's direction and even asked if it's possible he did it subconsciously, but Darren swears that the sound, which didn't really sound like a human growl, didn't come from him.
Haden Hill House Basement

The show ends with Karl, Fred and Gregg heading back into the cellar where they hear plenty of knocks and bangs, and witness objects flying in every direction. By the time Yvette and co come to join them, they have already had enough and are fleeing for safety.

But danger lurks just around the corner for the Most Haunted team, they return tomorrow night for a three hour long, "as live" Halloween special at Croxteth Hall‏ in Liverpool.

#MostHauntedHalloween continues all week on Really from October 27th. Watch on Freeview (17), Sky (155) and Virgin Media (129), or watch previous episodes of Most Haunted on demand on the UKTV Player.

For reviews of all of the new episodes, plus highlights and evidence from the shows, and to find out when Most Haunted is on next, visit the Most Haunted episode guide.

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