'Haunted House Renovator' Comedy Horror Game Unveiled

April 04, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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Haunted House Renovator
It's the ultimate grand design. Could you turn a dilapidated haunted house into a beautiful, stylish home? That's the challenge in the upcoming dark comedy horror game 'Haunted House Renovator'.

If you've ever searched YouTube for ghost hunting videos, you'll find countless clips of people investigating derelict buildings, perhaps even houses so creepy that their former residents fled in terror.

In this new game from Image Power and PlayWay, you'll become a ghost-hunting renovator, but applying a new wallpaper won't be enough to convince your customers that a house is safe.

The trailer suggests that players will need to purchase a classic-looking haunted house. It's your job to take on these abandoned abodes, evict their resident spooks, and return the homes to the hands of the living by doing it up and selling it on for a profit.

The game delivers its dark comedy by playing on classic haunted house tropes and through the ways in which players are able to dispatch the unwanted spirits, everything from fumbling headless suits of armour, to the idea of sucking up ghosts with a vacuum cleaner.

Players will need to perform all the tasks associated with flipping a house, including cleaning, fixing electrical fittings, and decorating, but you can also expect to have to deal with unsightly bloodstains, pesky poltergeists, ghosts in the wiring and even literal skeletons in the closet.

The 90-second-long trailer shows a captivating mix of realistic settings combined with terrifying yet comic-looking ghosts and spectres.

In the teaser we see the player cleaning satanic graffiti off of a wall in an abandoned house, scrubbing bloodstains off of a table, dealing with a bottles scattered around a room - one of which appears to contain something sinister, helping a phantom in a suit of armour find his head, and dealing with a spook hiding in a telephone.

There's also rats on the front porch, imps in the basement, cursed paintings hanging on the wall, and the chance to make some extra cash by salvaging haunted antiques.

Other than the fact it's due in 2023, little is known about the games release or its availability on consoles, but you can add 'Haunted House Renovator' to your Steam wish list now.

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