Ross Tiger Trawler & Fishing Heritage Museum, Grimsby - Are You Haunted? - Season 2, Episode 5

September 08, 2020 6:42 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Are You Haunted? in September 2020.

In episode five of the second series, 'Total Creep Out', the team investigate the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre and Ross Tiger trawler moored there.

The Ross Tiger trawler first came in to service in 1957. In 1992 she was docked and turned into a museum. There have been many stories of ghostly incidents, including the sighting of a deckhand who did not have a face.

About Are You Haunted?

'Are You Haunted?' is created by husband and wife paranormal investigation team Phil and Sara Whyman. Between them they have investigated countless locations in their search for proof of the paranormal. Along with a team of experienced investigators, in their new series they question the unexplained in an attempt to uncover what might be lurking in the shadows. From a selection of cases they each receive, the team come together to pick the most interesting and ask the question... are you haunted?

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