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Friday 22nd March, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You may connect with someone from another culture whose expectations set your teeth on edge. You may find that they are easier to deal with if you take some time to learn more about their customs or religion. What starts off as a challenge could turn into a rewarding friendship.


Saturday 23rd March, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

If you are reading or writing for work, you may find the going tough. If you are reading or writing for pleasure, then you may find unexpected insights that are far more valuable right now. You will want to push yourself, but the harder you force things, the more challenging they get.


Sunday 24th March, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You can learn a lot from your friends and companions right now. They will be excited, full of strange and interesting ideas. You may find that people have very unusual ideas, particularly the older males in your family. Be careful when dealing with older men right now.


Monday 25th March, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

Slow down on the spending if you want to get ahead. You really have to give them credit cards a rest, or the bills could come back to haunt you, and sooner than you think. An unexpected bargain you stumble across may look good, but don't buy any new high-tech toys on the advice of friends right now.


Tuesday 26th March, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

There may be a big change coming in a friendship because of a change in their family. Someone could be pregnant, or facing other life stage changes that will leave you feeling uncertain or threatened. Keep an open mind, things may end up much better than you anticipate.


Wednesday 27th March, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You are eager to get to work right now on some wild new idea you came up with recently. One problem is that not everyone agrees on the merits or on how the project should be implemented. There needs to be more talk and you are all too eager to take action.


Thursday 28th March, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

A dispute between siblings may cause both hurt and amusement. Try to stay out of the firing line if you are not one of the combatants. If you are, find some way to see if you can at least relate to the other side of the story. It is actually possible you may both be right.


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The Aquarius sign represents people who are full of ideas and are able to look at the bigger picture. They are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and they are very creative.


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