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Daily Horoscopes For This Week

Sunday 29th November, 2020


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You may feel uncomfortable right now, and may be tempted to work off some extra stress or energy with a sudden burst of physical exercise. It would be good for you to be more active, but it is not a good idea to push things too hard. Don't forget your warm-ups.


Monday 30th November, 2020


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You may be forced to take a sterner, more authoritarian role in your family because an old patriarch or matriarch is no longer capable of dealing with the madness. You want to be nice to everyone but it won't work. You have to put your foot down.


Tuesday 1st December, 2020


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You are likely to be a bit confused right now, because there are terrific spiritual energies affecting your personality and ego, and you are experiencing a disillusion of the boundaries you normally keep so strongly between yourself and the emotions of others.


Wednesday 2nd December, 2020


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

Your friends and companions may seem a bit dour or depressed right now, but that does not mean you have to be moping around down in the dumps yourself. You can get out on your own for a little distracting fun or a special treat and that will boost your mood.


Thursday 3rd December, 2020


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

Your body is crying out for a hot tub of warm water. You really want to do nothing more than relax, but your mind is playing stress games on you. Put those worries aside - you can't do anything about these problems until they get here, and most of them never arrive.


Friday 4th December, 2020


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

There are disagreements between business partners highlighted in your chart. If you don't have a business partner, a friend, mate or coworker could take on the role of "Doubting Thomas" right now. You can convince them with facts, but not with emotion.


Saturday 5th December, 2020


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

If you were thinking of making a new investment in your home, it will be a great day to check out home improvement supplies. Some extra cash will come in handy to improve your living conditions. Just be certain you don't over-spend your budget.


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The Aquarius sign represents people who are full of ideas and are able to look at the bigger picture. They are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and they are very creative.


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