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Monday 16th September, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

If you are single, you may meet someone who shares your interests and political beliefs, and who has considerably more experience than you. You may find their wisdom compelling and fascinating, but be careful if you are asked to donate or commit a lot of money to s shared cause.


Tuesday 17th September, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

Your career is heading into interesting new directions. You have a chance to bring in your hobbies creative talents or special interests to powerful and positive effect. You could fall in love with your career again if you let yourself go.


Wednesday 18th September, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

Today your friends will come to express their thanks or understanding of a tough choice you made yesterday, and sharing experiences will draw you closer together. You will have an opportunity or invitation to join a group or club, or to start a charitable effort with the potential to help a lot of people.


Thursday 19th September, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You are thinking about recommending a friend for a job or position and you are not completely sure they are right for it. If you are put on the spot, don't be anything less than honest, especially if your own reputation is on the line. A true friend will understand.


Friday 20th September, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You need some time alone with a good book, or to study in some new interest you have taken on, but people in your life just don't seem to get that you are actually doing something. You may have to drive away from home in order to find a quiet space.


Saturday 21st September, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You'll have wonderful opportunities to make friends and meet new people right now. Your energy is a lot more fun-loving and upbeat, and you enjoy any challenges you face. You and your significant other are overdue to be spoiled. If you are looking for a treat, consider a spa treatment or massage.


Sunday 22nd September, 2019


♒ Aquarius ‐ Jan 20 - Feb 18

You just don't feel like working right now, but the financial realities may keep you chained to your desk. If you can keep a positive attitude though, you may find that your special efforts catch the eye of someone important who can help you improve the bottom line.


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The Aquarius sign represents people who are full of ideas and are able to look at the bigger picture. They are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and they are very creative.


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