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Monday 16th September, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

After four days of relatively stressful aspects, the air clears and suddenly those wild maniacs you call "family" have become virtual angels overnight. Okay, maybe not quite angels, but at least they are off your back and back on your team, for right now anyway.


Tuesday 17th September, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

You have subconscious fears about traveling right now, and this could make it difficult if you are the designated driver. Your mind is far away on other things, but your family members and relatives may be counting on you to taxi people around town right now. Drive safely.


Wednesday 18th September, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

A child may come home with good news, a report card or an award of some kind. If you are not a parent yourself, you may find satisfaction right now in mentoring or tutoring a needy young child. You have more to give than you may realise.


Thursday 19th September, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

You could have unexpected or unusual arguments with people right now. The biggest challenge comes from your significant other, who may be under pressure from an elder parent to make some major changes to the status quo. You are not ready to meet their demands just yet.


Friday 20th September, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

Your physical energy is very high, and normally that would be a good thing, but your mental energies are scattered and that could make for some moments of anxiety. You may also have some problems with some cranky or uncooperative communications devices.


Saturday 21st September, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

You and your partner have come to some kind of compromise right now, and you can get back to harmony if you are flexible enough. Remember to be a good listener. If you are single, you may find yourself attracted to someone who comes from another cultural or religious background.


Sunday 22nd September, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

You may be traveling soon. If you are heading out for a vacation, make sure that you have all the medications and travel insurance you may need. If you are heading across town, you may have unexpected yet positive encounters with unusual people.


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Cancer is a sign that represents a positive character in others. It is based on loyalty and love. They respect others, values their family and traditions. They also are very grounded and make their life meaningful by focussing on making their home a special place.


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