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Tuesday 23rd July, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

There are too many fingers in your financial pie. You may be looking at changing advisors, banks, or brokers, or at a career change to something more enjoyable and less complicated. You want more time for life and living, and less time spent on financial chores.


Wednesday 24th July, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

Home improvements or renovations projects and ideas are looking much better right now. You may have hit some snags recently, but with the help of an expert you are now pulling through. You may find that the ideas you have are less costly than you thought.


Thursday 25th July, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

Having some extra compassion and empathy could really help in dealing with people who are challenged by reality. Irrational behaviour may result from drug use, mental illness or simply unreasonable expectations. Someone does not want to admit ignorance, and you may have to find a gentle way to educate them.


Friday 26th July, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

People will be seeking out wisdom and inspiration, and right now they see you as a good source. You can be a powerful teacher. A sibling or close friend may need guidance. You take lots of phone calls, messages and emails right now. The gossip channels will be lighting up with good news.


Saturday 27th July, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

You have skills and talents that you can pass along to others. You may have an opportunity to teach or mentor someone. Do not be afraid to stick your neck out, you may find the experience of being a teacher to be extremely rewarding.


Sunday 28th July, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

You may have to make an adjustment in your career schedule soon because of a coworker's ill health, or to meet your own health goals. Ask for extra help or support in the workplace, things could dramatically improve with a few minor adjustments.


Monday 29th July, 2019


♋ Cancer ‐ Jun 21 - Jul 22

An opinion a sibling or close friend holds about your lifestyle may come as a bit of a shock. If you do get some surprising information right now pay special attention to it - you might not like it at first but there is wisdom in their insights.


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Cancer is a sign that represents a positive character in others. It is based on loyalty and love. They respect others, values their family and traditions. They also are very grounded and make their life meaningful by focussing on making their home a special place.


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