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Tuesday 23rd July, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

Some small treat or indulgence could make a big difference right now. Sleeping in, or going out for a cheat in your diet may pay off in a better mood and lower stress levels. Just getting some alone time could turn things around dramatically in your love life.


Wednesday 24th July, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

Friends and companions will be acting oddly right now. You may want to keep a low profile at a party or get-together. Avoid hot-button topics like sex, politics, finances and religion, because everyone is wound just a little too tightly right now.


Thursday 25th July, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

An interesting pattern forms in the "relationship" sectors of your chart. It indicates dreamy idealised romance, but there is a blockage in the "sex-appeal" zone. This means platonic friendship is a more likely outcome than romance. Anything is possible, though!


Friday 26th July, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

Unexpected financial challenges may upset your equilibrium a bit right now, especially if you are a parent. Your children could bring in some unexpected expenses related to friends, entertainment, or sporting activities. You may have an interesting encounter involving music right now.


Saturday 27th July, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

Ideas and information will come to you in new, unusual or innovative ways right now. You may have a profound spiritual message that seems to come from your Higher Source, an idea that takes you to a whole new level of personal or spiritual communication.


Sunday 28th July, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You will be planning an upcoming getaway when it dawns on you that your holiday may conflict with a child or relative's scheduled sporting or entertainment events. You may be tempted to push your own desires but that could get you into hot water.


Monday 29th July, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

Career and social obligations bring challenges right now. Someone wants something you are not prepared to give. You may find yourself in the middle of some serious discussions about healthcare plans soon. If you are a leader in your office, push for everything you can get.


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Scorpios are very obsessive and compulsive about their work and their world. They tend to do whatever they want and live on their instincts.


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