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Saturday 25th May, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

It's a complicated day, and you feel that it is hard to trust your own intuition right now, but you are constantly second-guessing yourself because of someone else's biased input. Double-check your own research and you may find you were right all along.


Sunday 26th May, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You may tend to get into strange arguments or weird conversations right now. It seems like someone is arguing both sides of a debate, and you are hard pressed to keep up. So leave them with "If it pleases you, then believe it" or tell them that you simply choose to disagree.


Monday 27th May, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

Relatives and loved ones are in the middle of a power struggle, and you want to do your very best to make sure you are not stuck in the middle of the hullabaloo. Avoid confronting parents and in-laws right now, they will most likely be... well, "unreasonable" right now.


Tuesday 28th May, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You may have to run out to the drug store right now to stock up on some odds and ends. Someone is suffering from a cold or a stress-related illness and you need to play nurse for them. Just be sure you set aside enough time for you own needs right now.


Wednesday 29th May, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

If you are involved in a dispute, try to negotiate a win-win settlement. You may have an opportunity to build your financial future with the quiet assistance of someone who wears a uniform, or who works as an official or authority figure of some kind.


Thursday 30th May, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

A secret your significant other reveals could bring excitement right now. There is good news coming soon about some financial hurdle you needed to cross. Someone could be having a baby or planning a wedding, and you are happy to be involved in the joyous occasion.


Friday 31st May, 2019


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You have to make an attitude adjustment if you want to succeed in your current workplace. You may have to accept that the leadership position you want is out of reach for the time being. You may not like the plans and options that are being offered, but be patient. Your time will come.


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Scorpios are very obsessive and compulsive about their work and their world. They tend to do whatever they want and live on their instincts.


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