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Wednesday 22nd January, 2020


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You are the centre of attention right now, and you are happy that people are following your lead without too many troubling questions, but make sure to be a good listener. Someone, likely a friend or sibling, has some incredibly good ideas that you can profit from.


Thursday 23rd January, 2020


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

The gossip lines are just burning with good news, and the phone will be ringing off the hook. Everyone tripping over each other to be the first one to tell you, but you already know. You have good news of your own to tell, too. Your love life has tongues wagging.


Friday 24th January, 2020


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

If you are thinking about having children, right now is an excellent day to bring up the topic with your partner. If you are already working on it, you could get good news soon. If children are not in your immediate plans, "play safe" right now, and find a creative way to please your own inner child.


Saturday 25th January, 2020


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You get along well with friends and people who share your intellectual interests, but there are storm clouds brewing on the home front right now. Someone you love may accuse you of being self-indulgent right now. It may be true, but it may also be necessary.


Sunday 26th January, 2020


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You may be feeling a bit down in the dumps, and if that hits the mark, you need to get your body moving. Dance, fitness, anything that includes music and motion should be the key to turning both your mood and well being around.


Monday 27th January, 2020


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

You must make certain to balance your needs with the needs of loved ones that count on you for emotional, physical, or financial support. You will tend to get too carried away taking care of them, to the point you neglect yourself. It is vitally important to your well being that you book yourself as much fun and recreational time as possible.


Tuesday 28th January, 2020


♏ Scorpio ‐ Oct 23 - Nov 21

Yesterday the aspects favoured travel, but the same is not true right now. You are likely to be an impatient, impulsive driver, and you may encounter other people of a similar mood. It is good for you to take a little extra time to get from one place to another, or let someone else drive right now.


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Scorpios are very obsessive and compulsive about their work and their world. They tend to do whatever they want and live on their instincts.


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