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Free daily horoscopes for the next seven days for the star sign Virgo. Read your own accurate forecasts as predicted by our astrology experts, covering matters of love, finance, career and health. These astrological predictions are updated daily, so be sure to check back tomorrow.



Thursday 2nd April, 2020


♍ Virgo ‐ Aug 23 - Sep 22

You can really rip through your workday or home chores right now. You have a huge amount of extra personal energy and you are like a runaway fright train leaving a swath of neatness and organisation in your wake. Just be aware not everyone is on the same track.



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Friday 3rd April, 2020


♍ Virgo ‐ Aug 23 - Sep 22

Leave the plastic at home if you want to avoid making impulsive purchases that you cannot afford. You may find yourself drawn to big-ticket items for the home, electronic items that break down easily or that fail to live up to the promises made in their advertising.


Saturday 4th April, 2020


♍ Virgo ‐ Aug 23 - Sep 22

Someone may be writing about you soon. If you have a skeleton or two in your closet, it may be better if you are honest about them. This does not mean it is a good day to air out your dirty laundry. Use your intuition to decide whether discretion or disclosure is the better part of valor.


Sunday 5th April, 2020


♍ Virgo ‐ Aug 23 - Sep 22

If you are thinking about getting a gift for a loved one, the bookstore is the best place to browse for ideas. If you don't automatically know what kind of book they would most like to read right now, then that's a chance to open the door to greater intimacy - ask them!


Monday 6th April, 2020


♍ Virgo ‐ Aug 23 - Sep 22

Friends and family are at each other's throats and on each other's nerves, and both are dancing around you, while you make up your mind where you stand. Dither a little longer, and you may find that the whole mess sorts itself out. Jump in, and you'll have to take one side and stick with it.


Tuesday 7th April, 2020


♍ Virgo ‐ Aug 23 - Sep 22

You will be an impulsive shopper right now and could find yourself sinking some serious coin into something that does not work as advertised, is overpriced, or that you get sick of quickly. You can't go wrong if you sink that dough into a savings account.


Wednesday 8th April, 2020


♍ Virgo ‐ Aug 23 - Sep 22

Thinking about travel? You can lower your costs and increase your enjoyment if you invite a friend or companion along to share the trip as well as the costs. You may both grow a lot through the experience. You could also be looking at taking a class together with a friend.


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Virgos are very strong and independent. They are also very strong in both strengths and weaknesses. There is hardly a middle ground with Virgos. It's black or white, happy or sad.


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