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Thursday 2nd April, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

This is not the best day to set up new educational or travel plans, especially if a long-term commitment is involved. You may find it hard to think and focus right now, especially when driving or dealing with large volumes of paperwork or research. Information may be unreliable.


Friday 3rd April, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You have "family money" written in your chart. You may be hearing about family businesses, investments, perhaps even an inheritance that is headed your way. You may need some financial wisdom from a trusted older advisor. Be on the lookout for smart people close to home.


Saturday 4th April, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You may stumble across something special and unusual that you did not realise you needed before now.this is a special gift of a friendship or relationship that is different than you may have experienced before.


Sunday 5th April, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

If you get into a strange and disturbing online argument, do not let yourself get too concerned about the outcome, but it would be wise to avoid any topics you would not want shared at your workplace. At the office it is a good idea to stick to discussing the weather right now.


Monday 6th April, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You may be called upon to take a leadership role in the workplace right now, but you are not really comfortable or happy with having to make some hard choices. There is a reason for the cliche "it's lonely at the top", and you are finding out exactly why that is.


Tuesday 7th April, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

Your mental energies are powerful right now. Make a note of any dreams, visions or insights you have right now, as they can be a powerful and creative force right now. You may find that you are drawn to express yourself in a more artistic way than normal.


Wednesday 8th April, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You could have trouble communicating right now. It may be a very good idea to take the "alone-time" you have been putting off, and get away from everyone for a bit. Some time spent meditating, in prayer, or in quiet contemplation, could restore your peace of mind.


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Taurians tend to be very stubborn. They are the stick in the mud. A Taurus is practical and realistic and can sometimes put a damper on adventurous plans. You will want to give a Taurus plenty of patience, because they make worth-while friends and lovers. You will find these people take a little bit more patience to deal with; however, a beautiful friendship could come out of working for the relationship.


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