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Monday 16th September, 2019


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You can be a powerful speaker right now, especially when you are pounding the table on political matters, or waxing eloquent about the latest adventures of your favourite movie stars. Try to put some of that energy to use in career-building projects.


Tuesday 17th September, 2019


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

It is your time to take a leadership role in your family, but you are afraid of the responsibility you must take on. You have more than enough strength and smarts to deal with the situation. You just need to believe in your ability to compromise and motivate your loved ones.


Wednesday 18th September, 2019


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You could have sudden or unexpected arguments or trouble with a family member right now. Watch your temper and avoid anyone who makes a regular habit of pushing your buttons. You need a bit of a break and a friend or club that shares similar hobbies could perk you up.


Thursday 19th September, 2019


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You may be tempted to invest in a stunning makeover right now, but it could go badly if you make your choice is based on any feedback you get from friends or siblings right now. Someone may make a comment on your appearance that is actually motivated by their own lack of self-confidence.


Friday 20th September, 2019


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

A friend could call up with interesting and positive news, but it could be one of those social occasions that requires a pricey present or gift, something like a shower or wedding. You may have to be creative in finding an affordable way to express a sentiment.


Saturday 21st September, 2019


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You may find yourself thinking that you want to be like someone else when you grow up, but hey, who says you have to grow up? Or at least be grown up all the time. Some silly giggles and fun or funny distractions would be a blessing right now.


Sunday 22nd September, 2019


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

Your intuition came to the rescue recently, and it's paying off in very real dividends right now. You likely put a stop to someone's scam or scheme, and right now you are the toast of the town. You may be able to parlay your popularity into financial opportunities.


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