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Saturday 11th July, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

Sudden attractions to unusual or gifted people are highlighted in your chart. Be aware that the more eccentric and interesting they are the less likely the relationship is to last. You can enjoy this kind of person as a momentary distraction, but they are hard to live with long-term.


Sunday 12th July, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

If you have had some health challenges lately, you may stumble across a promising treatment right now. Keep an open mind about alternative and holistic treatments. You may discover that the problem is really nothing more than stress - a spa visit could work a miracle.


Monday 13th July, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

If you are looking for a new hobby or recreational activity, make sure it is a creative activity that you can pursue without spending yourself silly. You have some wonderfully creative aspects right now, but you are drawn to pricey, shiny things and that could cost a lot.


Tuesday 14th July, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

If you are still single, you may meet someone in a bookstore or health food store. If you are already married, you and your significant other may find some new way to be closer and more intimate, or find some kind of healing potion that improves your love life.


Wednesday 15th July, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You may have to cancel a trip at the last minute right now due to circumstances beyond your control. You may be able to work out a new schedule with the help of an older woman who is a lot more knowledgeable and experienced in the area of travel, research or education.


Thursday 16th July, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

This is a good day for goofing off, procrastinating, or simply forgetting to do the daily chores. Everyone deserves a break now and then, and you are likely to hit your thumb with a hammer right now anyway. Proceed on any risky chores with extra care.


Friday 17th July, 2020


♉ Taurus ‐ Apr 20 - May 20

You will be highly active, energetic and will need an outlet for the extra physical energy you will be feeling right now. You may decide to take a leadership position in some kind of sporting activity right now, but be aware you will be highly impulsive.


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Taurians tend to be very stubborn. They are the stick in the mud. A Taurus is practical and realistic and can sometimes put a damper on adventurous plans. You will want to give a Taurus plenty of patience, because they make worth-while friends and lovers. You will find these people take a little bit more patience to deal with; however, a beautiful friendship could come out of working for the relationship.


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