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Friday 22nd March, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You have to make some changes or adjustments in your diet, exercise schedule, lifestyle or chores soon. Someone is asking you to carry too much of the load on your own, and you are learning that you have to put your foot down if you want fair play.


Saturday 23rd March, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

If you are thinking about having a vacation soon, you will be strongly concerned with the traveling companions that you will have along for the ride. You may be thinking about buying a timeshare or cottage, but you may want to have another look at the costs.


Sunday 24th March, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

Have fun reorganising your workspace right now. You may get new filing cabinets or be moved to a more compact space, which may require you to make a more efficient and organised system. Ultimately this will work out for the best, by forcing you to work smarter.


Monday 25th March, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

For you right now the issue is more about long-term career objectives and real estate investments than strictly financial income issues, but the two issues do have fundamental ties. Don't take family members personally right now. They may come across as confused or irrational.


Tuesday 26th March, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You may find yourself daydreaming about a full-time home in the tropics, far away from your family or daily chores. You are in escape mode, but it may be difficult to tune out life noises right now. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that this too will pass.You might be facing "in-law" troubles right now if you are married. If not, your latest date may come with family baggage and issues you can do with out. If you are totally single, the most likely thing is that your family is griping and pushing you to hurry up and settle down.


Wednesday 27th March, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

If you are still pondering what country to visit on your next vacation, look for a place to visit that is radically different from your personal background and experience. You will benefit from the challenges presented by coming to grips with foreign cultures.


Thursday 28th March, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

A child may come to you seeking advice about anxiety or stress. You may feel you are unqualified to be their mentor, but you could be selling yourself short. Just be honest and encouraging. Explain this happens to everyone, even those who appear to have everything together.


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Capricorns tend to be the opposite of Taurians and are mature and practical, but they would rather just do things on their own and do not mind the solitude. It's kind of like they prefer to do it themselves because they know the job will get done right. They tend to be a little detached; however, things work out to your advantage.


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