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Free daily horoscopes for the next seven days for each of the star sign Capricorn. Read your own accurate forecasts as predicted by our astrology experts, covering matters of love, finance, career and health. These astrological predictions are updated daily, so be sure to check back tomorrow.


Daily Horoscopes For This Week

Sunday 27th September, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You'll be anything but tongue-tied right now, but you may look back and wish you had been! Your mental and physical energy is a little too high right now, and you might misinterpret that as anxiety. Take frequent breaks right now or a time out for exercise if you find yourself moving too fast.


Monday 28th September, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You may be frustrated and confused by the behaviour of your family right now. It may be that someone's bizarre behaviour of late can be related to their use of drugs or alcohol. You may be able to help by refusing to enable their self-destructive habit.


Tuesday 29th September, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You still want to play right now, but you have too many options. You may be getting multiple social invitations from friends, or there are too many new movies to pick from right now. You may have to decide to flip a coin in order to settle on a choice.


Wednesday 30th September, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You will be just throwing yourself into that interesting new project when a shiny new phone or laptop belches all over your perfect paperwork. You may have some frustrating moments with phones and WiFi connection right now. Keyword is "backups".


Thursday 1st October, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

It's hard to address the topic of health and wellness with you right now, because you are a little obsessed with it all of a sudden. A small ache, pain or cough is not a sign of impending disaster! If you are not going to do anything about it but worry, keep in mind stressing yourself out is not healthy!


Friday 2nd October, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You have skills and talents that you can pass along to others. You may have an opportunity to teach or mentor someone. Do not be afraid to stick your neck out, you may find the experience of being a teacher to be extremely rewarding.


Saturday 3rd October, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

Unexpected financial challenges may upset your equilibrium a bit right now, especially if you are a parent. Your children could bring in some unexpected expenses related to friends, entertainment, or sporting activities. You may have an interesting encounter involving music right now.


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Capricorns tend to be the opposite of Taurians and are mature and practical, but they would rather just do things on their own and do not mind the solitude. It's kind of like they prefer to do it themselves because they know the job will get done right. They tend to be a little detached; however, things work out to your advantage.


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