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Friday 15th November, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You may be asked to take on a leadership role in an arts or cultural association. You may worry that you don't have the skills, experience or time, but you may find this part-time volunteer effort leads to a big job or career payoff down the road. Think of it as an investment in your future.


Saturday 16th November, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

People will be seeking you out for ideas, wisdom and inspiration right now. You can be a powerful teacher or example to a sibling or close friend. You may get a lot of phone calls, letters, texts and emails right now, and the gossip lines will be burning up with good news.


Sunday 17th November, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

Your mental energies are powerful right now. Make a note of any dreams, visions or insights you have right now, as they can be a powerful and creative force right now. You may find that you are drawn to express yourself in a more artistic way than normal.


Monday 18th November, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You may be planning for an upcoming trip or vacation when it suddenly dawns on you that you need to stay connected. Shop carefully for new phones or laptops, and check the fine print. Not everything may be disclosed up front.


Tuesday 19th November, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

Unexpected disputes and challenges in your extended family may seem a little heavy in places, right now. Remember the old truism that music soothes the savage beast. Not loud, booming hip-hop music now, the kind of music that THEY like instead.


Wednesday 20th November, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You may find mixed luck financially right now. This is an excellent day for long-term planning for your future. It may be more challenging if you are feeling impulsive though. Focus on structure, stability and security - avoid any impulsive spending.


Thursday 21st November, 2019


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You may have disagreements with elder relatives, coworkers or friends who share resources with you. You may have bank accounts or investments in common. This is not a good time to set up a new investing partnership, you will be motivated by reactions to those who remind you of the past.


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Capricorns tend to be the opposite of Taurians and are mature and practical, but they would rather just do things on their own and do not mind the solitude. It's kind of like they prefer to do it themselves because they know the job will get done right. They tend to be a little detached; however, things work out to your advantage.


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