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Saturday 11th July, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

Paperwork brings both blessings and challenges. You may find that you are better off if you focus on personal concerns, but financial paperwork is a greater challenge. Work-related commuting could be somewhat of a hassle too.


Sunday 12th July, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

No matter what ails you, a little bit of brisk fresh air and exercise will help clear your head. Avoid high-impact and extreme sports, though. This will be one of those days if you have a parent who is urging you to add a new branch to the family tree.


Monday 13th July, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

You have an ability to really reach people right now. Put it to good use! People in the workplace will be intrigued by your creative ideas. Potential partners are wowed by your insights. And children are just enthralled by your storytelling abilities.


Tuesday 14th July, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

Your love life is about to get incredibly complicated. There are so many things hitting you right now that you are hard pressed to say if you are coming or going. If you have been on your own for a while be careful of a new partner who is more or less than they claim to be.


Wednesday 15th July, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

A religious and spiritual dilemma you have could be resolved if you could only follow the path of least resistance. It's easy to do what everyone else does, but somehow that is not satisfying to you. You want to struggle with the mysteries of life.


Thursday 16th July, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

A friend, coworker or sibling may have suggestions, ideas, contacts or tips for ways you can improve your love life. If you are single, look around for new prospects close to home. If not, you may be considering adding a branch to the family tree.


Friday 17th July, 2020


♑ Capricorn ‐ Dec 22 - Jan 19

Your intuition came to the rescue recently, and it's paying off in very real dividends right now. You likely put a stop to someone's scam or scheme, and right now you are the toast of the town. You may be able to parlay your popularity into financial opportunities.


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Capricorns tend to be the opposite of Taurians and are mature and practical, but they would rather just do things on their own and do not mind the solitude. It's kind of like they prefer to do it themselves because they know the job will get done right. They tend to be a little detached; however, things work out to your advantage.


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