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Thursday 2nd April, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Your intuition is dead bang on target right now. You need a source of funding to help with a home improvement project and will seem to pull a magical miracle out of thin air. Just picture what you want in your mind, then let go and let it come to you.


Friday 3rd April, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Your love life is exciting and interesting right now. There is an opportunity to learn something important about your significant other. If you are still single, you may be attracted to someone who shares your political, spiritual or intellectual interests.


Saturday 4th April, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

If you are single, and you have a strong interest in meeting someone new, check out the library, bookstores, and travel agencies. A "singles cruise" or even a local outing could turn out to offer you a terrific opportunity to meet new people.


Sunday 5th April, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You can make a beautiful change in your home right now by taking a course at the local hardware shop or college. New painting techniques, colours and styles will appeal to you. You may decide to start a new renovation project, but it could be delayed.


Monday 6th April, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You may have too many chores to do right now, and not enough time to complete them all, and to top it all off, people seem to be doing their level best to get in your way or make things harder. Avoid any pointless arguments right now, especially the online variety.


Tuesday 7th April, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You may find yourself in the middle of a truly delicious controversy. You enjoy the mental aspects of a good argument, especially when you have an appreciative audience. Just remember, there are three "sides" to the story, theirs, ours and the Truth.


Wednesday 8th April, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You have a lot of really interesting creative ideas right now. You are in the mood to make some really big changes, but not everyone around you is so hot for change. You may have to make some changes or compromises because you don't see the whole picture right now.


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Libras tend to be respectful of others and work well in any type of relationship. They value friendships and like things to be equal in a relationships. They are also very valuable workers too, because they like to be cooperative and often compromise to make others happy.


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