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Wednesday 22nd January, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You will be communicating with others about travel plans right now. You might be considering a trip "back home" or to visit relatives. You could also find yourself looking through a course catalog, or looking for classes or tutorials on the Internet.


Thursday 23rd January, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Debts, credit cards, and investment plans are very much on your mind right now. You are finding yourself embroiled in a debate with your own inner values because a deal you have looked at appears to be too good to be true. Proceed with caution and follow your instincts.


Friday 24th January, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Your intuition could lead you to the kind of information that you need to get ahead in your career. Keep both ears and eyes open right now. Look for the unusual. Don't be afraid of new ideas or technology. It is the new or unusual that holds the most promise.


Saturday 25th January, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

They say that prayer heals all ills. That may or may not be your personal experience, but it can't hurt, can it? A little time alone communing with your Divine Source is probably amongst the best medicine right now. You'll find hope and inspiration in spiritual development.


Sunday 26th January, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Your mind may be playing tricks on you right now. It is a little hard to think because there is so much information floating around, and so much of that can't be trusted. Remember the old Russian saying: "Trust but verify"? That will be especially important right now.


Monday 27th January, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Someone will drop by unexpectedly right now, and they could offer you some exciting new career advice or ideas. It is an amazing day for brainstorming and sharing ideas for ways that you can make yourself and your workplace more fun and productive.


Tuesday 28th January, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

A friend or loved one is coming off as a bit of a sour puss in your chart at the moment. Rather than spend much time with old Grim, focus your energies on the younger members of the family, or on your love life. Someone you care for needs a hug and some private time.


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Libras tend to be respectful of others and work well in any type of relationship. They value friendships and like things to be equal in a relationships. They are also very valuable workers too, because they like to be cooperative and often compromise to make others happy.


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