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Saturday 11th July, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Your family members are probably not suffering from bi-polar disorder. Well, not all of them. But they have been a little fickle lately. All of a sudden they are coming around to your way of thinking about things, especially where it comes to work, career, lifestyle and spirituality.


Sunday 12th July, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

If you can, take things easy right now. You have earned a spot of rest. Pushing yourself to get out and active with a friend or companion will take your mind and attention away from a creative project you have been putting off. Don't be afraid to be a little selfish with your time.


Monday 13th July, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You may find yourself in one of those "family moments" right now that you normally dread. Relatives are likely to be erratic, confused and cranky. Avoid pushing anyone's hot buttons right now. If you want to lead, don't suggest solutions, be quiet and patient instead. Listen carefully right now.


Tuesday 14th July, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Listen to your intuition, It is telling you that so-called "good deal" is really nothing but smoke and mirrors. You need to be very practical and hard-nosed with your spending decisions right now, because any shiny, pretty and impractical toy can turn your head.


Wednesday 15th July, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You may feel a bit dreamy, tired or distracted, and it is a good idea to avoid taking any unnecessary medications right now, especially if you have to travel. You are re-evaluating your dedication to your job or career right now, because it just does not seem to be as meaningful as it used to.


Thursday 16th July, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You are planning for an entertaining outing when it dawns on you that you might have to go on your own. Whatever it is you feel like doing provokes groans or rolling eyes from your usual companions. So what's wrong with heading out alone? Have some fun.


Friday 17th July, 2020


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Finally. After the last three days of pressure, the aspects ease off and you find out that suffering sometimes DOES have a purpose. Whatever you have been through comes to a head, then to resolution, and everyone will be feeling a lot better.


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Libras tend to be respectful of others and work well in any type of relationship. They value friendships and like things to be equal in a relationships. They are also very valuable workers too, because they like to be cooperative and often compromise to make others happy.


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