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Friday 15th November, 2019


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You may feel like you have been spinning your wheels for some time, but you have been gaining skills that will be extremely useful to you in the upcoming days, weeks and months. Patience is not just a virtue, it may be a marketable skill.


Saturday 16th November, 2019


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You have made some new friends recently and will want to go out of your way to please them. You could find that this causes some jealous reactions between friends and coworkers who are also vying for your attention. You will have a lot of energy right now but little patience.


Sunday 17th November, 2019


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You found the fine print, did you? A recent boost to your career turns out to have had some strings attached. You may have to give up some freedom or your spare time in order to get the bonus you wanted. Don't settle for a booby prize - renegotiations may be helpful to your cause.


Monday 18th November, 2019


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

Religion and spirituality will be strong forces in your life right now. You could have an "enlightenment" experience - an epiphany that brings you to a new mental plateau. Do be careful about sharing these insights with others, because you may "get it", but they may not.


Tuesday 19th November, 2019


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You may be playing matchmaker, or the tables are turned and someone is matching you up, but either way it looks like a good idea for the "matchee" to develop a sudden rash or some other excuse and beg off for now. The partners could be compatible, but there are some hidden issues.


Wednesday 20th November, 2019


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You are spending a lot of time thinking about romance right now and you could be told that you are smothering someone or pushing them too hard right now. If you are single there could be a sudden attraction that brings in a sensitive, attractive and carefree soul into your life.


Thursday 21st November, 2019


♎ Libra ‐ Sep 23 - Oct 22

You need a little playtime, but a family member either needs your help, or is determined to rain on your parade, or both. You may have to put your foot down and say you are entitled to decide how you'll spend your own free time, thank you!


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Libras tend to be respectful of others and work well in any type of relationship. They value friendships and like things to be equal in a relationships. They are also very valuable workers too, because they like to be cooperative and often compromise to make others happy.


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