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Wednesday 22nd January, 2020


♈ Aries ‐ Mar 21 - Apr 19

This is a particularly challenging day if you have to devote mental energies to study, or have to concentrate on the highway, so avoid any unnecessary travel, and put aside any intense paperwork for a day when you can stay focused on the task at hand.


Thursday 23rd January, 2020


♈ Aries ‐ Mar 21 - Apr 19

You and your significant other "have to talk" but the conversation will go a lot better than you expect. Just go with the flow, and be honest and realistic about your dreams and expectations. If you are single, don't be afraid to call up an old flame, you may find an opening of the heart you did not expect.


Friday 24th January, 2020


♈ Aries ‐ Mar 21 - Apr 19

You may reach a new milestone in your creative activities. A class, lecture, workshop or seminar could be just the thing to get your energy moving right now. Look around online for opportunities. Something special will jump out at you.


Saturday 25th January, 2020


♈ Aries ‐ Mar 21 - Apr 19

This may not be the best time to rewrite the house or year up the plumbing. You would be better off to take some extra time to plan things, especially if this is a new project. There could be a sudden expense related to your home.


Sunday 26th January, 2020


♈ Aries ‐ Mar 21 - Apr 19

Family arguments or disagreements about new home renovations may not be as traumatic as you fear. In fact, getting everyone's feelings out in the open could provoke some thoughtful brainstorming that resolves an old problem and brings in a much better mood.


Monday 27th January, 2020


♈ Aries ‐ Mar 21 - Apr 19

If you are single, right now you have an opportunity to meet someone special, with long-term potential. If you are seeing someone, you may decide to make it exclusive. If you are already in an exclusive relationship, you or your partner may be thinking of popping the question soon.


Tuesday 28th January, 2020


♈ Aries ‐ Mar 21 - Apr 19

A change is as good as a rest. You need a vacation. You may or may not already be booking one, but if this is a new idea, consider adding a spa visit, and make sure that some form of "healthy retreat" is part of the picture. Your body needs a break.


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Arians are often consider to be very strong-willed people. They tend to be more impulsive, do things alone, and stand up for themselves. They need to simplify things and they tend to lose interest in some of the projects that they start. They are often described as being independent and very honest. They like going out and reaching for impossible goals and are very passionate people, but tend to lose interest very quickly.


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