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Saturday 25th May, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

People are coming to you with their hands out right now. You may not have the resources to help them all, but you can teach them ways they can improve their lot in life. Use your experience, your wisdom, your creativity, and you can make a difference together.


Sunday 26th May, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You are talking about love right now, and there could be some challenging moments involving loved ones and relatives. They are not as supportive as you had hoped, probably because they have misunderstood something about your special someone. Patience is the key, they will come around.


Monday 27th May, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You may discover right now that your memories of childhood have been somewhat distorted. It is like going back to your old grade school - everything looks smaller than you remember for some reason, and the old foods you used to love seem "icky" now.


Tuesday 28th May, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

Finances are a sore spot in your chart and right now it is all you can do to make ends meet in the middle. At the same time your attitude towards money and the things you value are undergoing powerful changes, and if you push yourself, you can overcome the trouble in a dramatic way.


Wednesday 29th May, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

Your friends and companions will be acting a little strangely right now. They may actually be suffering from colds or the flu, or are just feeling out of sorts for reasons they don't wish to discuss. You may have a hard time reaching someone emotionally.


Thursday 30th May, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

The space aliens are still at it. Your loved ones and neighbours are acting so oddly you may sincerely wonder what planet they came from. Relax and enjoy the show. It's not often one gets free space theatre in their own back yard - and you'll want a distraction from your moody "significant other".


Friday 31st May, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You have the opportunity to make wonderful and life-enhancing contacts right now with people you meet in group settings, libraries, art galleries or associations. Don't be afraid to share what you know with others. Pour on the charm right now.


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The Sagittarius sign is the sign for adventurers. It's hard to make plans, because you never know what mood you will be in. You will find that it's hard to separate work and play, because you still have a careless attitude towards most things. Sagittarians tend to be very successful because they find the fun in work.


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