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Wednesday 22nd January, 2020


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You may be getting pressure from family members or your significant other to do some household chores, but you just won't feel up to the effort that will take. It's a good day to spend at home relaxing, sleeping in, or settling in front of the TV to catch up on Netflix.


Thursday 23rd January, 2020


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You might be impulsively spending money right now, and if you want to make them worthy investments, focus on "comfort furniture", healthcare, and other purchases that boost your body, soul and spirit. Avoid frivolous entertainment or heavy items.


Friday 24th January, 2020


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

This is a time where your creative energies are sparkling. If you are the artistic, creative type, you may find a new opportunity comes your way to showcase your talents. If you are a parent, you will hear good news about school or after school activities.


Saturday 25th January, 2020


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You are finding out right now that even good relationships have some challenging moments. You and your significant other are having a strong disagreement about a lifestyle issue. You can compromise if you both work on it. You may both have to give up something for each other.


Sunday 26th January, 2020


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

This is likely to be a frustrating day for all the signs. Your big challenge is most likely to be financial. You may end up dealing with unexpected bills, or find yourself torn between a choice to pay off credit cards, and your desire to escape with your friends.


Monday 27th January, 2020


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

Your recent interest in expanding your education could hit a bumpy patch right now. There may be unexpected expenses or technological challenges. A WiFi or phone connection could go down at an inopportune moment, a laptop could develop a case of "hiccups".


Tuesday 28th January, 2020


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You have some wild and interesting exchanges with relatives and loved ones right now. Someone you care deeply for has a new love interest, and their adventures have everyone's jaws flapping. Make sure you only pass along the good news right now.


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The Sagittarius sign is the sign for adventurers. It's hard to make plans, because you never know what mood you will be in. You will find that it's hard to separate work and play, because you still have a careless attitude towards most things. Sagittarians tend to be very successful because they find the fun in work.


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