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Friday 22nd March, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You may find that it is suddenly difficult to get your ideas cross to others, because there are too many of them rattling around in your head. Don't let yourself be pushed into a corner by someone in your family who is insisting that you act right now.


Saturday 23rd March, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

It may be hard for you to make your children understand that you can't have everything - even if you can "afford" it financially. You'll have an opportunity right now to teach a child the cultural or family values you cherish, but it may not be as easy as you hoped.


Sunday 24th March, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

Work and career issues will smooth out for a little while, and that leaves you some time and energy to work on long term investment issues that you have been putting aside. You have an opportunity to make a bundle. There may have to be some adjustments in your work schedule.


Monday 25th March, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You have an opportunity to make new friends, or to change a friendship into more romantic directions right now. If you are single, you will be more attractive to potential partners that you meet in social settings, so don't be afraid to "mingle".


Tuesday 26th March, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

There is a life-altering fork in the road and you are not sure what path to take. There is no right or wrong choice. Ask yourself which road lead to you feeling more secure, happier, satisfied and successful? What are your priorities? That will make the choice more obvious.


Wednesday 27th March, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You're thinking about planning a small rebellion in the workplace. You may feel strongly pushed by inner forces to change things drastically right now. Work hard to be sure your plans have a practical foundation and broad support, and you'll get a lot farther.


Thursday 28th March, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You may be able to buy a loved one or partner a big, fancy present right now. You may tend to get carried away, because you really want to show them your true feelings. Make the thought count for something. Really put yourself in their shoes when you consider what they may want.


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The Sagittarius sign is the sign for adventurers. It's hard to make plans, because you never know what mood you will be in. You will find that it's hard to separate work and play, because you still have a careless attitude towards most things. Sagittarians tend to be very successful because they find the fun in work.


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