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Monday 16th September, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

A friend or companion has decided that your unsolicited advice or feedback has merit after all, and they will be expressing their appreciation together with some sheepish apologies most likely. Do your best to be gracious and understanding, it's not easy to admit you're wrong.


Tuesday 17th September, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

Be careful when discussing upcoming travel plans with your family members or loved ones right now. While they may be delighted to hear that you are coming home for a spell, there could be unexpected misunderstandings or changes in plans right now.


Wednesday 18th September, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

If you are still single, a friend may be plotting a pleasant meeting behind your back, a "serendipitous" meeting with someone they think is just perfect for you. If you are not single, you and your significant other could be going out together with friends soon for some fun.


Thursday 19th September, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You may be going on a much-anticipated trip soon, but you need to take some precautions if all is to go smoothly. Make sure you have all the money, medications and documentation you may need. Be sure all vehicles are safety-checked.


Friday 20th September, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You may feel a little down right now or low on energy. You may feel that you have hit some kind of creative road block, that you have suddenly turned invisible to the people you work with right now. Don't try to push through right now - wait until the audience is more receptive.


Saturday 21st September, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You may find that your subconscious mind is playing tricks at times right now. Your energy is likely to fluctuate a fair bit, and your mood will swing wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. Listen to the little messages that your body is giving you right now.


Sunday 22nd September, 2019


♐ Sagittarius ‐ Nov 22 - Dec 21

You will be struck by inspiration right now. Writing and communications goes smoothly and quickly right now. If you are behind on the paperwork, this is an excellent day to get that mountain back to molehill size. You have a romantic idea tonight.


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The Sagittarius sign is the sign for adventurers. It's hard to make plans, because you never know what mood you will be in. You will find that it's hard to separate work and play, because you still have a careless attitude towards most things. Sagittarians tend to be very successful because they find the fun in work.


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