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Wednesday 3rd June, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

Your chart practically screams "impulse buyer!" right now, but sporting goods, electronics, video games and other high-tech toys you are drawn to may come with drawbacks or hidden costs you did not anticipate. Save your time and money for another day, for better bargains.


Thursday 4th June, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You are frustrated with a partner right now, because you feel that they are not paying attention to your needs, or they are deferring to the wishes of their family instead of to you. Are your expectations realistic? Ask a member of your own family. They may have some perspective you are lacking.


Friday 5th June, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

Your career is making some solid advances, but you may find there is someone you must work with whose religious or political beliefs are somewhat challenging. If you can't bring yourself to agree you may find it prudent to change the subject right now.


Saturday 6th June, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You may be suffering from self-doubts where it comes to career and social status right now, but some good fortune, an upcoming trip, or a lucky find will distract you and have your mood heading back towards "happy" territory. Be a little self-indulgent, at least up to the level you can afford.


Sunday 7th June, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

A friend from your past may be in touch soon. You will have a lot to catch up on, especially with family members and other old friends. There could be news about a birth announcement. Expect good news from family and friends.


Monday 8th June, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

Sudden or unplanned changes to your home or family may be threatening to your significant other. Or you may be the one facing an unwanted change. Either way patience, understanding and tolerance, and being a good listener, is the answer.


Tuesday 9th June, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You will be on the phone a lot right now, answering a lot of emails, and getting a lot of paperwork done. You have information that other people want to know. You may be able to parlay that information into better social or career conditions if you are willing to take on extra responsibility.It's time to get out some duct tape, plant it firmly across your mouth and write on it "do not open until day is over". Normally you are reluctant to speak your mind, but right now you could feel compelled to speak out on all the wrong topics. humour is not only a tonic it can be absolutely vital to your well-being.


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Pisces is a very creative sign, they love the arts and loves to show off their creative side. They are more idealistic than realistic, however they are able to make things work out in the end through various creative paths.


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