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Saturday 15th August, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

There is a new technological toy or gadget out that you just have to get your hands on. But the price may be rather dear right now. If you wait a short time you will find a better price or terms for the purchase.


Sunday 16th August, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You will really feel a strong need to take time off from personal chores and work duties to "recreate" yourself right now. Plan for some time spent with sporting or playful physical activity that gets you out of the house and far away from the office.


Monday 17th August, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You have a healing moment right now. It may come at the workplace, at home, or even on the road at some point in between. You will realise that you are a better person than you thought, that there is forgiveness in the world, that there are good people you can count on.


Tuesday 18th August, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You will want to escape your responsibilities right now, but there will either be scheduling or financial challenges in the path of your plans. Be alert for opportunities in your career path or work sector. You can take a giant step ahead right now.


Wednesday 19th August, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

If you have the tiniest bit of the artist or writer in you, you are going to be hearing the call of your muse right now. You will find that ideas come more clearly and flow more smoothly. Your ability to solve problems will be heightened, and you will be able to concentrate more clearly.


Thursday 20th August, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

Your promising new project could be on hold because of the constant bickering of two of your working partners. If you want to resolve it, give them complimentary responsibilities that do not compete, and which work with their own unique working styles.


Friday 21st August, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

It's a day for long-distance phone calls, and get togethers with family, friends and siblings. Sudden and unexpected news blows the lid off some romantic secrets you have been keeping. Someone you know may be pregnant or working on getting pregnant. Don't spill the beans on their secret. Let them be the one to make the big announcement.


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Pisces is a very creative sign, they love the arts and loves to show off their creative side. They are more idealistic than realistic, however they are able to make things work out in the end through various creative paths.


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