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Daily Horoscopes For This Week

Tuesday 27th October, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

Romantic partnerships are under stress right now, and it is amongst friends and children that you find the greatest support. You will be highly popular and could be invited to some kind of entertainment event, but you may find your partner is less than thrilled with the idea.


Wednesday 28th October, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

A new flavour may catch your attention. New recipes, food preparation ideas or a new foodie craze may have you breaking out the pots, pans and utensils. You might need some exotic tool or ingredient that is a little hard to find.


Thursday 29th October, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You are studying, reading or researching online right now when you come across what looks like a promising medical treatment or lifestyle idea, but when you run out to buy it, it is not on the shelves, has gone bad or is more costly than you expected.


Friday 30th October, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

Even if you cannot get away on a trip, taking some time off may be possible. An impromptu long weekend or a personal day could become available. You might even be able to take a trip soon. Just keep an eye on your budget, there is a temptation to over spend.


Saturday 31st October, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

You may be able to spend some time with a good book, but you could come across ideas or thoughts that are challenging to your values. You might find the nightly news is a bit depressing. Find a puzzle, game or a warm friend, don't think too much right now.


Sunday 1st November, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

There are too many sad or distracting memories floating around your mind right now, and it may be most challenging to keep your mind on your work right now. There are a lot of unexpected course-corrections on your way to and from the workplace so plan for longer than expected commutes.


Monday 2nd November, 2020


♓ Pisces ‐ Feb 19 - Mar 20

What you know is as important as who you know right now. You may be given exciting or interesting projects or ideas to manage because of your understanding of related issues and because you can bring other important people to the negotiating table.


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Pisces is a very creative sign, they love the arts and loves to show off their creative side. They are more idealistic than realistic, however they are able to make things work out in the end through various creative paths.


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