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Friday 15th November, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

A coworker of the opposite sex could be lucky for you right now. Their different point of view could be helpful in triggering an idea that is the solution to the problem you've been chewing on the past two-three days. Just in time, too, because you both needed an answer right away.


Saturday 16th November, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

Travel planning could be challenging right now. You are impulsive and prone to make changes at the last minute. Driving, you are prone to make lane changes without indicating or checking, and that could lead you to disaster. Slow down on the highway!


Sunday 17th November, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

A child may come to you seeking advice about anxiety or stress. You may feel you are unqualified to be their mentor, but you could be selling yourself short. Just be honest and encouraging. Explain this happens to everyone, even those who appear to have everything together.


Monday 18th November, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You may want to take some time to help out an older friend, loved one or family member. While this may be a chore, there may also be a lot of satisfaction in making a difference for someone you care deeply about.


Tuesday 19th November, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

A new hobby or pass-time is coming that can help you change your life in some way. You may find that you have a new-found interest in some kind of creative activity that has the possibility to change your life for the better. You might even consider going into business part-time to make some extra money from this activity.


Wednesday 20th November, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

A financial opportunity may come your way through a friend or coworker. A small investment could pay back many times both socially and financially. You may find any risk is balanced by other, unexpected rewards or benefits.


Thursday 21st November, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You will be highly popular, attractive and interesting to others right now. You are the centre of attention, and will likely get a lot of phone calls, letters and emails from people who want to get together with you. There is good news coming from your loved ones.


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Those who are Leos find themselves to be selfish and very egotistical. You are more aware of yourself than anyone else. You make sure that the focus puts you centre stage, but you tend to still be very loyal and trustworthy towards people who matter the most to you.


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