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Saturday 25th May, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

Over-spending or impulse purchases can come back to haunt you. Avoid making any large or non-vital purchases, especially electronics or communications devices. Make sure anything you do buy qualifies as a need rather than just a "toy" or a want.


Sunday 26th May, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You will spend a lot of time tripping over your words right now if you push yourself too hard. You will not be at your most patient, and this can interfere with your intuition and critical assessment of challenging situations. There are opportunities, keep an open mind!


Monday 27th May, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

It is a lucky day in the history of your love life. Unexpected changes to friendships and sudden encounters with new people leave a smile on your face and a spring in your step. There may be some jealousy on the part of a coworker or social companion who is not as lucky.


Tuesday 28th May, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You will be at odds with friends and family for some reason right now. It may be that at least one loved one feels you are getting more than you are due. Pointing out that you have been working hard for your perks probably won't help. They want to hear you say you realise they deserve some recognition too.


Wednesday 29th May, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You swing from one end of the mood spectrum to the other right now. The reason for your changing emotions may not be outer events, but subconscious emotions triggered by past memories, smells or experiences. You can stay up if you have a creative outlet or hobby.


Thursday 30th May, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

If you are invited to a party or gathering, make sure you keep a firm grip on your pocketbook. Someone has their eye on your little nest egg, and indications are you will be very tempted to take on a risky bet. Your intuition is a bit off the mark though, so be extra careful.


Friday 31st May, 2019


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

If you and your partner want to get out with others right now, pick friends over family for companions right now. Family members come off as tense and controlling, where friends are supportive and healing. Someone could invite you to a health food seminar.


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Those who are Leos find themselves to be selfish and very egotistical. You are more aware of yourself than anyone else. You make sure that the focus puts you centre stage, but you tend to still be very loyal and trustworthy towards people who matter the most to you.


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