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Thursday 2nd April, 2020


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You will be highly energetic. You can get a lot done on home-based projects and chores, but don't expect a lot of kudos from family members. They see you as seeking attention, and while they may be right about that, they shoot themselves if the foot when they are not be helpful to your pet causes right now.


Friday 3rd April, 2020


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

Today's energy brings new opportunities through conflict. Your challenge is to bring all your leadership and communications skills to bring together a large group of people whose goal is to improve the world for those less fortunate. You may be drawn to help others.


Saturday 4th April, 2020


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

If you are feeling confused, uncertain and anxious at times right now, contact a family member or relative who has been through a similar challenge. They will be able to put you onto the right track, and they are just dying to share their wisdom with an appreciative audience.


Sunday 5th April, 2020


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You will not be at your most grounded and practical right now. You may find that it is incredibly hard to stay focused, because all sorts of worries are floating around inside your head. Don't take on a friend's "stuff" - let them sort it out for themselves.


Monday 6th April, 2020


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You may find that a small change in your health or fitness regime makes a big difference in your life over time. Go online and do some research. You may find that there is a new option, treatment or supplement that changes the game.


Tuesday 7th April, 2020


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You would rather eat dirt than sit down with that pile of receipts on the dinner table this evening, but it has to be done. Your budget work is always a drama, but if you keep digging you may actually find that there is some good news at the bottom of the pile.


Wednesday 8th April, 2020


♌ Leo ‐ Jul 23 - Aug 22

You may be the centre of attention right now, people will be interested in hearing what you think or have to say. You may have an opportunity to be published or see your name in print, and you will find that writing, research, study and paperwork tasks go more smoothly.


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Those who are Leos find themselves to be selfish and very egotistical. You are more aware of yourself than anyone else. You make sure that the focus puts you centre stage, but you tend to still be very loyal and trustworthy towards people who matter the most to you.


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