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Thursday 2nd April, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Your family members may be demanding insight or answers from you, but this may not be the best day to open up with blunt honesty. If you are unable to find the words to say what you are really feeling, try to find a way to put off a get-together until your mind clears.


Friday 3rd April, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

It's hard to address the topic of health and wellness with you right now, because you are a little obsessed with it all of a sudden. A small ache, pain or cough is not a sign of impending disaster! If you are not going to do anything about it but worry, keep in mind stressing yourself out is not healthy!


Saturday 4th April, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You are overcome by a sudden urge to change your appearance or wardrobe, but surface changes will not be the panacea that you were hoping for. In fact, it could backfire. Communication and open discussion bring unexpected opportunities. You feel like being a little selfish right now.


Sunday 5th April, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You are absolutely gorgeous, did you know that? If you didn't before right now, you will now. People are definitely noticing you. Just watch out that all the extra attention you are getting does not go to your head. Remember, innocence is more charming than arrogance.


Monday 6th April, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Someone is going to ask you for money, and you don't have the resources to help. You don't have to justify your decision or explain your finances. All you have to say is "I'm sorry, no, I can't do that right now." Trust your instincts right now, they are sharp.


Tuesday 7th April, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Your family has gone twitchy all of a sudden, and you may wonder what planet they have all gone to. If you come from a dysfunctional or abusive background, this is a day you definitely want to avoid the hot buttons. Stay away from the hard cases if you can right now.


Wednesday 8th April, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

This is the time for deep, personal introspection. You may have made a mistake or two recently. It is a good thing to do a little navel-gazing, but not so hard that you lose focus on daily realities. You may forgive others more easily than yourself, and that is not always for the best.


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Geminis are curious and a little immature at times. They are light and quick on their feet, but even quicker with the wit. They have a strong personality and it can be hard to tell when a Gemini is being serious or just playing, as they try not to be serious at all.


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