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Sunday 27th September, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Family connections could bring you into contact with the financial assistance you may be needing right now. Don't be afraid to accept help, or to use a connection provided the "wins" are mutual. You will have an opportunity to start a home-based business.


Monday 28th September, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You and your partner or mate have to talk about the old homestead, or about some family problems one of you is having. Someone's parents are downright cranky. If you are single and meet someone new, get to meet the parents before you start getting serious. It could be the "Addams Family" hiding in the wings.


Tuesday 29th September, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Travel and educational opportunities are even better right now. It is an excellent day to plan an upcoming vacation, or to pick up a course catalog from the community college. You may get a phone call from a friend or loved one to invite you to take a class or lecture.


Wednesday 30th September, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You could have some arguments with health care providers, medical professionals or busy-body relatives who are nagging you to get out and get more active right now. You think you are moving around enough, thank you very much - but walking a block or two a day can't hurt.


Thursday 1st October, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

The creative juices are flowing overtime and the biggest challenge is you may not have enough time to manifest every awesome idea that comes to mind right now. Take notes, prioritise. Later on you may find these notes very helpful if you hit a dry patch.


Friday 2nd October, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You may not understand your direction too clearly right now, but clarity will come in time. Take every opportunity to take advantage of "found knowledge". Sudden financial opportunities are possible right now, but changes in your career could threaten to upset the apple cart at home.


Saturday 3rd October, 2020


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You may be talking about a parent or relative and their living conditions. Talking is good, doing much about it may still be premature. Focus on the planning stages, or set things aside for a short "cooling off" period. Be sure this solution is the best one.


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Geminis are curious and a little immature at times. They are light and quick on their feet, but even quicker with the wit. They have a strong personality and it can be hard to tell when a Gemini is being serious or just playing, as they try not to be serious at all.


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