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Friday 22nd March, 2019


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Your creative and intellectual energies are high right now. Other people are drawn to you like moths to flame. You may find that one of your ideas is making an especially big impact. You may publish an article or start a popular online meme.


Saturday 23rd March, 2019


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You might be too distracted by recent romance to focus properly on your work or daily duties right now. Sure, you were long overdue for a little romantic energy, and you deserve the warm fuzzy moments which you'll find come more easily than do your words and thoughts in the office space.


Sunday 24th March, 2019


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

If you have been wanting to pitch a new idea, try it early in the day when people are more likely to pay attention. Later on they want to gossip and nosh, but they are less interested in the daily grind in the afternoon... everyone just wants to get out early to go play.


Monday 25th March, 2019


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Paperwork is challenging and communications devices may be problematic right now. Commuting to and from the workplace may be a bit challenging right now. You may have a disagreement or minor misunderstanding with an older coworker or a client in your business.


Tuesday 26th March, 2019


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

Big financial changes are coming. A business partner or associate is going to plug you into a very lucrative deal. You'll want to share some of the windfall to buy yourself some time to spend with your family soon. Just get the deal in writing before you lay down any of your own cash.


Wednesday 27th March, 2019


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

There are strange energies in the air right now. You may feel confused or distracted, yet you know there is great potential for change. The biggest area of change is in your family structure or loved ones. Someone may express the need for emotional support or help with a drug or alcohol problem.


Thursday 28th March, 2019


♊ Gemini ‐ May 21 - Jun 20

You are the centre of attention right now. You could be called on to take a leadership role or new responsibilities in your career, but not everyone will be supportive. Family members may feel that they are being abandoned, and you may face the green-eyed monster at work.


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Geminis are curious and a little immature at times. They are light and quick on their feet, but even quicker with the wit. They have a strong personality and it can be hard to tell when a Gemini is being serious or just playing, as they try not to be serious at all.


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