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Steve is probably best know for his YouTube channel, HiggypopUK. He started the channel in 2006 and had some moderate success making videos which confuse, excite and entertain.

Steve returned to YouTube in 2014 and his new strand of video content has been attracting even more attention than ever, especially his hugely popular potion videos.

During his YouTube hiatus Steve branched out in to blogging, podcasts and the world of social media, so of course you can like hom on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and listen to his audio on SoundCloud.

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  • UK Parody Law
    October 05, 2014

    UK Parody Law: What Can I Parody?

    As of this month, the UK catches up with the rest of the World by making it easier for creatives to parody a song without infringing on copyright laws.

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  • YouTube Copyright
    October 03, 2014

    Why Is YouTube So Strict On Copyright?

    One of my pet hates is people’s ignorance of digital copyright laws, especially in regards to YouTube. I think the reason it annoys me so much is that as a YouTube Creator myself, I am really careful to ensure that I don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright when producing content. For most videos this means I normally have to pay to license a piece of music.

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  • Fullscreen
    September 23, 2014

    AT&T Buys Into Fullscreen

    Fullscreen have announced details of a deal to sell a controlling share of their MCN to Otter Media, a partnership between US giant AT&T and Peter Chernin, the former president of News Corp.

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  • Sam Pepper
    September 23, 2014

    Sam Pepper's Video Was An Awareness Stunt

    YouTuber Sam Pepper has been trending on Twitter since the week and been all over the press as a result of his bum pinching prank video which viewers branded as sexist.

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