PARAFlixx Paranormal+ Unveils New Free To Watch Paranormal Channel

March 18, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Television
Old LA Zoo With Patti Negri
Photo: © Hollywood Paranormal Detectives
PARAFlixx Paranormal+ has made a spine-tingling announcement that is sure to thrill paranormal enthusiasts worldwide. The streaming service has revealed that it has launched The Paranormal Channel, a free in-app channel that provides uninterrupted programming without any ads.

The CEO of PARAFlixx, Inc., Natalie Jones, said, "We knew we wanted to provide more options to our fans and viewers by giving a range of free content without ads, so we've turned hybrid." This move bucks the trend of most streaming services, which usually require a subscription, purchase per product, or viewing ads to access content.

The new schedule of shows on The Paranormal Channel is now available on PARAFlixx Paranormal+ for anyone to download and stream. Viewers can indulge in a variety of free content before deciding whether to subscribe and watch more of the chilling programming that they crave. This new channel is also packed with music videos and talk shows to keep you entertained.

PARAFlixx Paranormal+ is available on a range of platforms, including Amazon Fire, Apple TV, RokuTV, Google Play, and iOS. The streaming service is offering a free three-day trial to its viewers to explore its range of content before subscribing.

The Senior Vice President of PARAFlixx, Inc., Patti Negri, is thrilled with this new development and is excited about what the future holds. She said, "We are excited about the future for PARAFlixx and we invite you to join us!" So, whether you're a skeptic or a true believer, this new channel is sure to deliver a hauntingly good time.

PARAFlixx Paranormal+ has been delivering some eerie content to subscribers in recent months, featuring several paranormal investigations in different locations. Everything Vaguely Paranormal explores the Olde Park Hotel, one of the most haunted buildings in Texas, while Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations And Events captures a ghostly apparition on camera at Indiana State Sanitorium.

'The Ghost Finders' and guest investigators Natalie Jones and ACG Paranormal take on a newly acquired manor house in Pennsylvania, and 'Expedition Entity' investigates the newly discovered haunted location of Brodhead Manor in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Outkast Paranormal claims to have discovered Bigfoot during their paranormal investigation on the Omaha Reservation in Nebraska in 'Ci'Tonga: Bigfoot, Spirits & Faith', and the cast of 'Hollywood Paranormal Detectives' revisits a haunted high school in Goldfield, Nevada, to investigate the unusual paranormal activity previously captured by team lead Steven Adkins.

For more information and to start streaming, visit the PARAFlixx Paranormal+ website at

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